7 Clever Makeup Tricks for Women with a Double Chin ...


7 Clever Makeup Tricks for Women with a Double Chin ...
7 Clever Makeup Tricks for Women with a Double Chin ...

Uncovering and trying to use makeup tricks for double chin to hide it is never easy! Having a double chin alone isn't something that a lot of people really like living with, but did you know that you can use makeup tricks for double chin to cover it up? To lessen the appearance? Give it a try girls, and let me know how it works out for you!

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Direct Attention to Cheeks & Eyes

Having a double chin does not mean anything, girls, but directing the attention to your eyes and to your cheeks is one of the many great makeup tricks for double chin that really work! Play up your eyes, play up your cheeks, really experiment with the colors, and you'll see just how quickly your double chin completely disappears! Use a bold color and some sparkle!


Enhance Your Jawline

When you have a double chin, enhancing your jawline can honestly make it appear like you have a slim and slender chin! Just a little bronzer and some powder can work wonders, girls! You'll learn more about that in my other tips, but just know that enhancing your jawline is wicked important!


You can sculpt your features impeccably with the right contouring technique. Sweep a matte bronzer or a contour powder slightly darker than your natural skin tone just beneath your cheekbones, along your jawline, and under your chin. This creates the illusion of shadow and depth, which can visually slim the appearance of your jaw. Blend, blend, blend – the key is to avoid stark lines and create a subtle transition that looks natural. And don't forget, a cheek tint with a pop of color can also draw attention upwards, giving your face a lovely, lifted look!


Focus in on Your Lips

Adding in a bold lip or even just some shiny lip gloss is a great way to really draw attention to your lips and make them stand out! For me, I usually do a pop of color and then add in a bit of shimmer. It really draws all of the attention to my lips!


Show off Your Neckline

Showing off your neckline is absolutely one of the biggest ways that you can get rid of your double chin and, instead, focus in on your collarbones, your throat and even your cleavage! Showing off your neckline is a great way to really draw attention from your double chin too. So add a bit of sparkle and shimmer to your neckline! Also, swoop neck tops work great to show off your neck, throat and collarbones!



Contouring with blush and even bronzer can really make your double chin completely disappear. With contouring, you want to find a shade that is a few shades darker than your skin tone and then angle upward, so that all of the attention is focused upward. Just remember to blend, blend, blend.


Use a Bit of Bronzer

Using a bit of bronzer, matte of course, along your neckline is really going to bring it out. Using it correctly, so that it flatters, will even make your double chin completely disappear. Matte bronzer is best, that way you can make sure that there is no sparkle or shimmer and it won't draw attention to your chin.


Keep Your Neckline Hair-free

Finally, if you really want to make sure that your double chin isn't the center of attention, make sure that your neckline is completely clear of hair. Sweep your hair up into a ponytail or even into a cute little bun or French twist. This is a great way to really up your style and to make your double chin appear invisible!

Having a double chin is really difficult to hide, but all of these makeup tips for a double chin make it easy to create the illusion! Just a little contouring, using a little bit of bronzer and allowing yourself to show off your neckline can make all of the difference in the world! So girls, what other tips do you have? Any? Give 'em up!

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this is perfect

I'm a mixed girl so I can't really use foundation and bronzer please help me!!!!! Lol

How do make a video

Try MAC - they do a great range for all skin tones

@Malayna Haworth how do make video where ?

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