6 Non-drab Ways to Wear Brown Makeup This Fall ...


Brown makeup is perfect for an understated look of color that defines your good features. The Autumn/Winter fashion runways demonstrated how ordinary fashionista’s can wear the hues of brown with panache. Rich caramel, golden brown and scarlet copper - a touch of these beautiful colors will give you an earthy glow. Brown doesn’t have to be boring; the right application will have you looking stunning regardless of your destination. Take a gander at my 7 non-drab ways to wear brown makeup this fall, to get into the down-to-earth spirit of Autumn.

1. Twinkle in Your Eyes

The Rachel Roy fashion show had the right idea, brighten up your sepia eye shadow with a brush of grey glitter. You will get a blend of grey and brown eye shadow that is just divine, though be sure to only add a lot of sparkle on the inner corners of your eyelids and let the outer edges remain dark brown.

Kiss like a 90s Diva
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