6 Non-drab Ways to Wear Brown Makeup This Fall ...


Brown makeup is perfect for an understated look of color that defines your good features. The Autumn/Winter fashion runways demonstrated how ordinary fashionista’s can wear the hues of brown with panache. Rich caramel, golden brown and scarlet copper - a touch of these beautiful colors will give you an earthy glow. Brown doesn’t have to be boring; the right application will have you looking stunning regardless of your destination. Take a gander at my 7 non-drab ways to wear brown makeup this fall, to get into the down-to-earth spirit of Autumn.

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Twinkle in Your Eyes

The Rachel Roy fashion show had the right idea, brighten up your sepia eye shadow with a brush of grey glitter. You will get a blend of grey and brown eye shadow that is just divine, though be sure to only add a lot of sparkle on the inner corners of your eyelids and let the outer edges remain dark brown.


Kiss like a 90s Diva

The Jenny Packham show signaled the return of the spunky '90s dark liner trend in a vivid combination of colors. Makeup artists swirled together plum and cocoa to paint the model’s lips in a sophisticated brownish-purple outline, before tinting the lower lip in a complementary pink color to emphasize a pout.


Wing Your Eyeliner

Metallics can be pretty eye-catching, but in the midst of all the sparkle you want a striking face. Take advice from the Blumarine show, choose a pretty chocolate brown eyeliner and draw exaggerated wings around your eyes. Chocolate browns give a picturesque edge to any eye color, and the dark hue can even be used to give a little contouring to your cheeks.



In the Jeremy Laing show, it was the nail art that received attention. The artists went for a two-toned brown color that had a bit of sass. Nails had a dark chocolate paint with a wave in a lighter shade of chocolate. Surely, it had a cool vibe.


Mix, Smudge and Match

If your favorite pastime is mixing shadows, then this tip is for you! The makeup artist of the Burberry Prorsum show selected four different shades of brown and painted it around the eyes, combining it carefully for a natural effect. To contrast the splash of brown, a dark eyeliner outlined the lower rim of her eyes. I have completely fallen in love with her clean face, touched up with hues of brown.


Different Textures

The Givenchy show displayed the spice of brown by pairing a tawny eye shadow with a darker brown lipstick. There is a kind of raw synergy in the entire monochromatic look! The key to recreating the makeup is by focusing on dramatizing the brown along your eyes and clearly giving your lips an almost silky finish with the matte lipstick.


Classic Mahogany

The beautiful reddish-brown lip color of the Etro show was a blend of class and modern stylishness. The extra lining of her lips gave a seductive fullness that was very alluring. I love how the bright color stands out against her shiny eye shadow and light rouge to her cheeks. The entire look had a very sophisticated "lady of the night" theme.

These brown-oriented make up looks are just a few ideas from the runway shows for a whole new appearance that is good for fall and winter. Since you will be covering up in fall in darker colors - brown coloring will compliment your wardrobe choices nicely. In winter, brown is wonderful for infusing your face with a warm tone. What ideas do you have for a brown makeup, mention it in the comment section.

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