7 Cosmetics That Look Good on Every Skin Tone and Colour ...

Being a darker girl myself, it was always a struggle to find cosmetics that look good against my skin colour. Although it’s all in my mind and in reality we’re all more than welcome to wear whichever cosmetics we please, I still do believe that there are certain cosmetics which look good on all skin colours. If you’re looking to update your makeup and aren’t sure what to look for in regards to your skin colour, here are some cosmetics that look good on everyone!

1. Bold Lipsticks

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No matter your skin colour or tone, I think bold lipsticks are one of the cosmetics that look good on all women! Pastel or light lipsticks sometimes can make dark skin tones look ashy around the mouth, and bright or neon lipsticks can be too stark against light skin tones; bold lipsticks like deep purples and rich reds make lips look plump and never make the surrounding skin look too dry or pale!

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