Bronze Skin Cosmetics That Will Make Any Skin Tone a Gold Queen ...


Bronze Skin Cosmetics That Will Make Any Skin Tone a Gold Queen ...
Bronze Skin Cosmetics That Will Make Any Skin Tone a Gold Queen ...

Many companies are now expanding their products to appeal to darker skinned girls because they don't get recognition on the beauty scene. This is great! It's inclusive and shows that they can make cosmetics which look good on all skin colors. If you’re looking to update your makeup and aren’t sure what to look for in regards to your skin color, here are some bronze skin cosmetics that look good on everyone!

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Copper/bronze Eye Shadow

Coppery-bronze eye shadows are subtle enough that your makeup won't look over the top. However, they're dramatic enough to elevate your eye makeup. Plus, a bronze or copper eye shadow is perfect for both the day and night making it an ideal makeup staple. Next time you have dinner right after work, apply some copper/bronze eye shadow during your morning makeup routine and you’ll be set for the rest of the day.



Your can never be too light or too dark for bronzer. Plus, if your skin is looking a little dull, bronzer is a great way to instantly create a glowing complexion. Another reason I love bronzer is because it’s great for contouring the cheekbones, jaw line and nose. However, be careful not to apply too much because there will become a noticeable difference between your face's skin color and neck's skin color.


Gold/Bronze Highlighter

Like bronzers, highlighters are perfect for contouring your cheek bones, jaw line and nose. Highlighters are also great for applying at the temples of your forehead, around your tear ducts and on your eyebrow bone for a glowing goddess look. The convenient thing about highlighters is that they are usually a translucent or champagne color thus making it ideal for everyone.


Bold Lipsticks

No matter your skin color or tone, I think bold lipsticks are one of the cosmetics that look good on all women! Pastel or light lipsticks sometimes can make dark skin tones look ashy around the mouth, and bright or neon lipsticks can be too stark against light skin tones; bold lipsticks like deep purples and rich reds make lips look plump and never make the surrounding skin look too dry or pale!


Coral Blush

Red blush can be a harsh contrast against lighter skin tones if too much is applied. In addition, peaches and pale pinks can be too light on darker skin colors. However, coral blush looks great on all skin tones when the right amount is applied! Not too dark or light nor too bold or tame, coral blush adds a youthful, rosy glow to your cheeks.

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Black Mascara

No matter your skin or eye color, black mascara has never looked bad on anyone (unless it’s smudged or clumped)! Black mascara is a staple cosmetic that almost every woman has and is great for either a natural, day time look or a dramatic, evening look. Plus, mascara helps to accentuate the eyes and make them look more alert when applied correctly.


Black Eyeliner

Whether it is gel, liquid or pencil eye liner, you can never go wrong! Especially with black eyeliner! Black eyeliner is classic, basic and the safe choice for all skin colors and tones. The reason I love eyeliner is because it helps to bring attention to the eyes. Plus, when applied with enough skill, eyeliner can make your eyes look longer, bigger or more exotic!

The best part about makeup is that you can go out of your comfort zone and experiment with any color and product that you want. So feel free to disregard this article and rock whatever cosmetics you feel look the best on you!

Regardless, what are some cosmetics you find look great on everyone?

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