9 Different Types of Blush You Need to Try ...

There are so many different types of blush out now that the powder blush your grandmother always wore isn’t the norm these days. From stains, to creams, to mineral formulas, there are so many new ways to create a natural flush. Depending on your skin tone and type, there are also several different shades and formulas to play up your best features. Here are some fabulous tried-and-true types of blush to try:

1. NARS Blush

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One of the best types of blush is the original formula: powder blush. Even if it has been around for eons, it’s all in good reason—it works. NARS has one of the most amazing selections of powder blushes in a wide variety of shades for all skin tones. The collection also has a seductive side with names such as “Orgasm” and “Sex Appeal.”

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