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For the longest time I applied eyeshadow with sponge applicators, until I found different brands of makeup brushes that made the application so much better. I also used a wedge shaped sponge to apply foundation, never realizing how much product I was wasting. Then one day while testing out some new makeup, the woman doing my face used only a series of brushes. Not a single sponge applicator in sight! I was hooked from that day forward. Some things, like the foundation brush, were a little hard for me to get used to after using a sponge for so many years. I’m so glad I mastered using mostly good brands of makeup brushes, although it was a process and I went through a bit of money until I found the ones I can’t live without.

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Chanel Foundation Brush #6

Chanel Foundation Brush #6 I used quite a few inexpensive brands of makeup brushes for foundation before landing on this one. I think I hit up the Chanel counter in desperation! I never set out to buy a costly brush, but once I tried it, no other brand stood a chance. All of the previous brushes I used were either scratchy or had way too much hair fall-out. I’ve had this brush for several years and I’ve never regretted this purchase. Once or twice, I had occasion to apply my foundation in front of others also applying cosmetics, and when my Chanel brush was spotted – well let’s just say it was amusing to see the lust in their eyes! They wanted my Chanel foundation brush!



The Chanel Foundation Brush #6 is a highly sought-after makeup brush in the beauty industry. With its soft bristles and minimal hair fall-out, it provides a flawless application of foundation. This brush has been a favorite among makeup enthusiasts for several years and has gained a reputation for its high quality and durability. Despite its higher price point, many users swear by this brush and consider it a worthy investment. Its popularity has even led to others admiring and lusting after it when seen in action. Overall, the Chanel Foundation Brush #6 is a must-have for any makeup lover looking for a luxurious and effective tool.


Lancôme Mineral Powder Foundation Brush #100

Lancôme Mineral Powder Foundation Brush #100 If you are in the market for a face powder brush (that is the only thing I personally use it for), I’d say get yourself over to Nordstrom and make this part of your brush collection without delay! The brush is other-worldly soft. The handle is sleek and comfortable. I’ve had this brush for at least 4 years and it looks and feels just as good today as the day I bought it. This brush was made for the application of mineral makeup, but you can use it with any kind of face powder.


MAC 116 Blush Brush

MAC 116 Blush Brush I’m not at all into those slanted blush brushes. This brush has a full rounded shape and like most MAC brushes, it is perfection. I use this strictly for powdered blush. It might seem by this point that all of my brushes are expensive, but it just turned out that way because I was so disillusioned with the less expensive versions I had previously bought. I hadn’t been aware of Sigma and others like that or I would have tried those first and probably never purchased any MAC brushes. I’m kind of glad I didn’t know about the near dupes to MAC brushes, because I am so happy with what I have.


The MAC 116 Blush Brush has bristles that are both soft and dense, allowing for a seamless application every time. While some may balk at the price tag, the costs become justifiable the moment you experience the difference in application. It effortlessly picks up the perfect amount of product and blends it onto the cheeks for a natural-looking flush that's never streaky. With proper care, this brush can last for years, making it not just a purchase but an investment in your beauty arsenal. It’s a real treasure for makeup aficionados who demand precision and perfection.


Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush OK, this was a gift! Had I known how awesome it would be, I certainly would have bought it for myself, but it was just a lemming for a long time. This brush picks up the ideal amount of bronzer, so you never look as if you have dark streaks on your face. Cheaper alternative: EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush. You might dislike the extra chubby handle. Don’t freak out when you see it!


MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush

MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush I use this on my eyelids and it deposits just the perfect amount of color. With other brushes I have tried, I have to re-dip the brush over and over and over. I can usually dip this brush into the shadow once or twice and I am done. One of the great things about this brush is if you’re using a light or sheer shade, you won’t have to keep re-applying the color. You’ll get a great color payoff with very little effort. Cheaper alternative: Sigma E55 – Eye Shading.


The MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush ensures a smooth application with its high-grade, densely packed fibers, ideal for both cream and powder eyeshadows. Its consistency in performance simplifies the makeup routine, which is perfect for those early mornings or quick touch-ups. The shape of the brush is designed to fit just right on the lids, making it effortless to blend shadows seamlessly, without any harsh lines. It's also durable and maintains its shape through washes, so you get to indulge in an expert-level precision every single time, making it a worthwhile investment in your beauty arsenal.


MAC 217 Blending Brush

MAC 217 Blending Brush This was love at first swipe. This is the brush you use in the crease with that windshield wiper motion. I’ve has this brush a lot of years and it has retained its shape and I never lost any fibers. I can use the darkest shadows and the color will rinse right out of the brush, leaving it looking brand new. Cheaper Alternative: Sigma E25.


The MAC 217 is an undeniable staple for any makeup enthusiast. Its versatility transcends just blending; it's perfect for applying a base color or achieving a diffused look. The quality speaks for itself - after numerous washes, it holds its own like a true champ. And let's not forget how effortlessly it picks up pigments, ensuring a high-impact eye look every time. It's the kind of brush that might seem like a splurge, but in reality, it's an investment in your beauty arsenal. Pro tip: to keep it in top condition, wash it gently with a mild shampoo and lay flat to dry.


Makeup Forever Brush #144

Makeup Forever Brush #144 I use this to apply crème concealer under the eye. If I ever need to do a spot touch up of my foundation, I’ll use this rather than drag out my full size foundation brush. I apply concealer after my face powder. This is the best way to see how much (if any) concealer you need for that day. I use the brush mostly in a patting motion. Cheaper Alternative: Sigma F70 – Concealer.

These 7 brushes are my favorites and I have drawers full of other brushes that I rarely use any more. I do find they come in handy on the occasion I might drop a brush and I don’t have the time to clean it and wait for it to dry. Do you use any of my favorite makeup brushes? It seems to me just about everyone that uses brushes will have at least one MAC in their collection. What brushes are you using that you can recommend?

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People say channel brushes suck and r cheap and shed

Channel brushes DO shed a lot! Mac brushes are not that wow! The beat brushes in my opinion are ELF they are more than half the cost! Blend well and do not shed! Trust me! Go and get one and compare! I'm done with high-end brushes! And plus usually many of these brushes contribute to animal cruelty, usually many with real hair! Elf brushes are cruelty free!

So far all the only comment that is agreed upon by most is the fact aeLF


Sorry dog walked on keys...lol What I meant to say was that most people agree ELF brushes fold up well and you get a bang for your buck. Anyone have a bad Elf brush experience?

my elf brush set is coming tomorrow..thanx @tracy.. you got me more excited. :) i love my realtechniques buffing brush..really helps me as a beginner and my friends are complementing my makeup. bought wayne goss brushes last month but haven't used them yet..they are just so beautiful and expensive.. haha..my husband bought that as my anniversary gift. :)

Head to shopping center...

I love bare mineral brushes. They never shed, are super soft, blend well, and you can clean them with brush cleaner to keep them sanitized regularly.

Use to use MAC brushes until the blush brush i bought since day one till this day- sheds. Stopped purchasing them since MAC did not stand behind their product helping me out or explaining why that was happening.

I use Liz Earle brushes.. never had a problem with mine, they are great

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