All the Perfect Places to Apply Concealer ...

By Alicia

All the Perfect Places to Apply Concealer ...

Do you wonder about where to apply concealer? Concealer is a wonderful makeup product when you know where to use it. Everyone does not have the same needs of concealer but these are the areas where you are more likely to need to apply concealer. You can evaluate this list and decide where to apply concealer for yourself based on these suggestions.

Table of contents:

  1. on blemishes
  2. the corners of your nose
  3. under your eyes
  4. the t-zone
  5. under the center of your bottom lip
  6. the corners of your lips
  7. your specific problem areas

1 On Blemishes

If you are wondering where to apply concealer, blemishes are a definite yes. No one wants to be noticed for their blemishes. The trick to covering your blemishes well is to pat the concealer on. Another concealer tip to remember is that less is usually more. Remember, you can always add more but it can be difficult to deal with a cakey concealer mess from applying too much.

2 The Corners of Your Nose

The corners of your nose are a place to consider applying concealer. This can be true for a couple of different reasons. If you are fair skinned, that area may be prone to redness and small but visible blood vessels. If you are darker skinned, that area can prone to dullness or being darker than the rest of your face. Applying concealer here brings some balance to your skin tone.

3 Under Your Eyes

One of the most common areas women need to apply concealer is under their eyes. Without concealer, your under eye area is a purplish color that foundation can’t completely cover. I have found that dotting concealer in the under eye area and blending it with my ring finger works best. Also, applying a bit of white eye shadow at your inner eye corner can offer a bit of brightness to shift the focus. Finding the right concealer for those dark circles can be challenging.

4 The T-zone

The t-zone can be an area that needs concealer. Again, not everyone is going to have the same concealer needs. You may only need concealer in two or three of these seven places; the number will vary from person to person. The t-zone may need concealer because of breakouts or blackheads. Treating the underlying issue of t-zone problems can eliminate the need for concealer here.

5 Under the Center of Your Bottom Lip

There is usually a bit of a shadow under your bottom lip. You may have never noticed it but most women do have this. The best sort of concealer for this area is one that has a luminous finish. It brings a bit of brightness to that area. This in turn will make your lipstick look prettier, too.

6 The Corners of Your Lips

The corners of your lips can be an area that you may need concealer. It is an area prone to redness like the corners of your nose. It can also be an area of skin that looks very dull. The type of concealer you need here will vary on what you are trying to conceal. For redness, a yellow based concealer is best. For dullness, you want to go for something brightening.

7 Your Specific Problem Areas

There are other reasons that you may need concealer. You may have a birthmark you wish to cover or perhaps some broken capillaries. Look your face over when it is free of makeup and you are in natural lighting. This will give you the best lighting to examine your skin. Once you realize where you truly do and don’t need concealer, you will better know how to handle your problem areas.

Knowing where to apply concealer can be a bit puzzling. Hopefully this guide has offered you some insight. What is your favorite concealer?

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