The Cheat-Sheet of Makeup Tips for Looking Beautiful Instantly ...


The Cheat-Sheet of Makeup Tips for Looking Beautiful Instantly ...
The Cheat-Sheet of Makeup Tips for Looking Beautiful Instantly ...

The purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it, but sometimes a few makeup cheats are needed for those special nights out, or those days you feel like looking extra glamorous. Luckily, you don’t need to pay for expensive procedures or rely on an expert makeup artist. Instead, all you need to know are the tricks of the trade. Here are a couple makeup cheats that will have you looking Hollywood.

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Lip Plumps

This is one of the makeup cheats that will save you hundreds of dollars! Lip fillers can cost as “low” as $400 and are required to get redone every 3-10 months, depending on factors such as your doctor’s skills and products, as well as your body’s hormones, and how often you pull, tug, chew, etc… on your lips. Fortunately, there are lip plumps available on the market. Normally you have to go to a speciality cosmetic store or order these products online, as you won’t find these at a local drugstore. However, it’s small price to pay compared to the alternative.



Almost every woman has eyeliner in her makeup kit. Whether it be pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner, when used with skill and precision your eyes can be completely transformed. Drawing your eyeliner at an angle and pulling it out past the end of your eye can make your eyes look exotic. Or, applying liner on the top and bottom lash line can make your eyes look smouldering. Practice makes perfect so application won’t be spot on immediately, but once you have a steady hand, try different techniques and watch as your eyes change shape and size.



Contouring is a celebrity’s best friend. With the right tools and products, you can instantly lose five pounds in your face, accentuate your jawline and cheekbones, and shave down your nose. However, be warned that the wrong products will give your secret away in a heartbeat. For example, make the investment and buy a contouring kit rather than hoping for the best with the products you have at home.


Lip Liner

If lip plumps are out of your budget or are not readily available to you, then an even cheaper alternative to big lips are lip liners. Mind you, you won’t get the same effect as you would with a serum, but you can still have a juicier pout. However, it’s key that your lip liner should match or be very similar to the lipstick you will be wearing. If you are someone who likes to buy lipsticks from specialty cosmetic stores, you know how much lipsticks AND lip liners can cost, so I recommend buying your lipstick from your favourite luxury brands, but purchasing similar coloured lip pencils from the local drugstore.


False Lashes

A quick trick to having eyes that look bigger and more alert is by wearing false lashes. “Falsies” come in all sorts of lengths, thicknesses, colours, and styles. You may want to invest in a subtle daytime falsie and a dramatic falsie for the evening rather than wearing dressier lashes for both day and night. However, keep in mind that false lashes need to be replaced usually after only a few wears.


Green Concealer

Celebrities have flawless skin thanks to expensive procedures, and their experienced glam squad. While most of us don’t have those types of resources available to us, we can still have an even skin tone when we step out of the house. When we breakout, we are left with either a red pimple or a dark spot as the aftermath. You’ve probably tried caking on the concealer but still find your face to be different colours in different areas. The trick is to use green concealer rather than concealer that is a few shades lighter than your face. Green concealer neutralizes the reddish-brown spots on your face since green is a contrasting colour to red!



Whether you are a makeup junkie or are learning how to apply makeup, the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a makeup brush. Celebrity makeup artists have dozens of makeup brushes at their disposal and for good reason. Obviously you will only need a few brushes but make sure you have the right brushes for the right job. For example, applying eyeshadow correctly requires more than one brush. Furthermore, blush needs a different brush for application compared to foundation. Don’t set yourself up for failure by having only a few basic brushes and hoping for glamorous results.



Sure, contouring is important to hide the features you don't really like, but then what about the ones you do? That's where highlighting comes into play. Use a highlighter to accent your best features; typically put around the previously done contour to accentuate and make features pop.



A celeb secret to having perfectly rosy cheeks? Apply the blush UNDER foundation so it looks as though it's coming from beneath the skin and not on top of the skin. It's more natural looking than appearing as though you have blush smeared on your face. Haha



The big thing in makeup right now is perfectly done eyebrows. Celebrity makeup artists always make sure their clients aren't over tweezed, overdrawn, and are always perfect. Get a good brow mascara, a good brow pencil, or even some brow powder and work on perfecting yours like a boss.

Celebrities have personal trainers, a hair and makeup team, and millions of dollars to spend on minor and major procedures. It’s unrealistic to look like them when they use so many resources to look ageless and perfect. However, there are tricks for us regular folk that can have us looking our best as well. What are some other makeup cheats we can use?

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But like why? I get it,some people want to look like a celebrity,more power to you,but a lot of these look so heavy and my pores are crying,I would also be helpful to have some pointers to know how to actually achieve these looks

It would have been nice to actually have some of the names of the products or how to achieve the look . Disappointed

Please advice me on your products

@paige highfive me aswell😂

I am a real fan of make up especially Lancome and Lancaster

Why would anyone want to look so unnatural and fake? Some of those girls don’t even look like human anymore...

I don't need to look like an A star… I'm already an A star on the Kim K game.

Hey ! Thanx a ton for throwing some light on the important stuff for a make-up averse person like me☺

@paige True! I too play the game and totally love it!!

@Paige Haha! Me too 😊

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