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First eye makeup experiences are always fun, yet there are still tons of things you should know about eyeshadows before you can call yourself a skilled makeup enthusiast. Tons of tricks, tons of tips, tons of brands and products to choose from – no wonder a girl needs her time! But here, let me save you some by sharing a few interesting, maybe a bit less talked about things you should know about eyeshadows:

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Be Mindful about Expiration Dates

One of the most useful things you should know about eyeshadows is how to check them for expiration dates. Because hey – an old eyeshadow needs to go regardless of how generous the package is. Your cream or liquid shades will last about 6-12 months and will be labeled accordingly but your pressed and baked goodies require more research. Locate a batch code and hop over to checkcosmetics.net to input it and see production dates.


Pigments and Eyeshadows Are Not the Same

Wish somebody told me that before I proudly purchased my first MAC pigment, only to realize that particular shade is not to be used on eyes! Don’t make the same mistake, ladies – get informed on pigments in general as well as your desired shades. They are truly awesome, of course, but only if you know how to use them.


Eyeshadows Are Not Created Equal

An ideal eyeshadow is not necessarily pricy but it should be well-pigmented, soft enough to be used with ease and it should stay put within the reasonable time frame even without a primer. Stay away from hard, chalky, nearly-transparent colors even if the price is right – you need to be able to rely on your makeup, and poorly pigmented, crumbly shades will not make that easy.


Know Your Formula

If you’re allergy-prone, wear contacts and have overly sensitive eyes, you’ll need to take that into account when shopping for eye colors. Even the best of eyeshadows can prove to be too harsh for some users, so you shouldn’t rush to get a product before researching it first.


Be Careful when Shopping for Mineral Makeup

Skin-friendly, cruelty-free, oh so natural… it’s hard for a girl not to become addicted to those gorgeous shades! Be careful if you’re switching from big brands to private sellers, though, because some aren’t as honest as they should be. Never buy from people who refuse to list ingredients and always check sellers first to see if they really do make custom shades or are just repacking a wholesale product.


You Can Clean Your Eyeshadows

Using a tissue or a cotton swab to gently scrape off the top layer might sound like a waste of good product, but it actually allows you to enjoy your faves for a longer period of time. Don’t think about the waste, think about all those harmful bacteria and oils you’ll be removing this way!


Eyeshadow Can Double as Eyeliner

I’m done blowing my cash on eyeliners I’m going to use only a handful of times! Luckily, I don’t need them and neither do you. Visit your nearest Inglot store, check out this magic little thing called Duraline and learn how to turn every single one of your favorite shades into a waterproof eyeliner! I literally adore this product!

Practice makes it perfect, but even the smallest of tricks can make a huge difference! But do tell, what’s the most useful or interesting thing you’ve learned while experimenting with various eyeshadows?

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Illamasqua have something similar called sealing gel that you can use to turn eyeshadow into liner

Nice eyes -- beautiful

can u do ur own blog thing on this i want to make one

So what's the difference between pigment and eyeshadow

Very strange eyes!!!!!!!!!

To keep track of expiration dates, I use a Sharpie and mark the date I bought it. Easy since Sharpies come in metallics like silver which shows up on dark color packaging.

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