How to Pick the Right Makeup for Your Skincare Needs ...


How to Pick the Right Makeup for Your Skincare Needs ...
How to Pick the Right Makeup for Your Skincare Needs ...

Makeup is something I rarely leave the house without. If you're like me and just feel better when you have your face on, you could be wondering how to choose makeup that won't damage your skin. Sometimes the makeup you choose can clog pores, leading to acne or cause irritation and other icky skin problems. If your makeup is causing issues on your face, use these easy tips to help you find products that look fabulous and won't harm your skin.

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Read Labels Carefully

Many cosmetics companies create formulas for makeup that moisturizes skin, infuses it with nutrients or that does something else important for your skin. You can find such products by reading the labels and educating yourself via the company's website about its pros and cons.


Check the Ingredients List

Certain ingredients in the makeup will tell you whether it's a good choice for skincare or not. You can usually find the ingredients in a given product by looking at the packaging. If you can't find what you're looking for there, check the website or call the manufacturer and ask questions. Look for things like vitamin E and antioxidants.


Look for SPF

SPF refers to sun protection factor and having it in your makeup is vitally important for protecting your skin. SPF blocks the rays from the sun, which keeps you safe from wrinkles, fine lines and even skin cancer. More and more makeup companies are beefing up their products with SPF and choosing them has major benefits for your skin.


Nix the Chemicals

When you read a makeup package and encounter a load of ingredients you can't even pronounce, you can often assume that the product isn't going to be that great for your skin. Those chemicals can cause breakouts, redness, irritation and other issues you likely don't want to deal with. If the ingredient list is super long or super confusing, you probably want to choose something else.


Choose Those for Your Skin Type

If you have dry skin or super greasy skin, all the products on the market aren't going to be the right ones for you. More and more makeup companies are creating products designed to cater to a wide range of customers so you can often find foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, blush, bronzer and more that is made for your skin type. Choosing those products will boost skin health in a remarkable way.


Spend a Little Extra

It's true that you can find great makeup that won't break the budget, but those affordable brands aren't often packed with the same benefits as the ones you're looking to find for your skin. When you want something that protects and heals current skin woes, be ready to pay a bit more. Trust me, it'll be worth it.


Try It out for Yourself

Finally, the one true way to know if a cosmetic is going to protect your skin and make it healthy and beautiful is to give it a go. Using a given item for a few days should give you a pretty good idea of how it will effect your skin. If it's not doing what you need it to, you can toss it and try something new. If it works, you're good to go!

When you choose makeup, do you consider your skincare needs? What other tips can you add?

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I also use cliniques anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation and I honestly swear by it. Anyone with oily skin

Can honestly benefit from using this foundation because it truly works, well at least it worked for me

I use clinque acne solutions foundation and have really greasy skin so it doesn't clog pores no acne coming out when I use it and us only acne makeup And clique and for face treatment I use clinque and neutrogena products

This is fun

I use Mario Bedesque and instantly saw that my black heads showed up less. You can by it from Ulta. 👍🏼👍🏼💩

I instantly saw remarkable effects on my face, I was breaking out less, the coverage is amazing and it's not harsh on my skin... So I would definitely recommend it to anyone with really oily skin.👍🏽👍🏽

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