9 Tips on Bridal Makeup ...


9 Tips on Bridal Makeup ...
9 Tips on Bridal Makeup ...

There are tons of different tips for bridal makeup out there and with wedding season right around the corner, it's hard to choose which ones are right! Well ladies, I've got the low down on bridal makeup and I've got all of the tips for bridal makeup you can handle! So take a trip below and see what tips for bridal makeup I would use on my special day!

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Know Your Theme

Typically, all weddings have a theme of some type and you want to carry that theme throughout your makeup. One of the biggest tips for bridal makeup that every bride should follow is knowing their theme! If you have an Indian theme going, lots of reds and golds in your makeup is going to be very important!


Match Makeup with Hair Color

When you're dealing with wedding makeup, your makeup should match or at least compliment your hair color really well. You don't want blue makeup to clash with your red hair. This is truly one of the most important tips for bridal makeup that you should look into!


Keep the Season in Mind

What season you get married in can actually determine what type of makeup you should have. For example, if it's the summer, you're going to want makeup that is going to make you glow. One of the tips for bridal makeup that a lot of brides overlook is the season that their wedding is in so it can go along with their makeup.


Use Eye Primer

On your wedding day, the last thing that you're going to want to worry about is smearing and smudging makeup, that's why you should take a look at getting the very best eye primer out there! One of my tips for bridal makeup is to place the eye primer on before you put on your makeup. It'll definitely make it last so much longer!


Try Lip Primer

Similar to the eye primer, using lip primer is a great way to ensure that your lips are going to stay fresh and that your lipstick is going to stay on! Just a few quick dabs on your lips will keep them shiny and shimmer all night long!



When you are dealing with bridal makeup, you always want to make sure that your makeup is going to stay fresh and clean all day. That's why you want to make sure that you are moisturizing in the morning. Truthfully, this is a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing for your big day!


Sparkle It up

Ah, the sparkles of makeup on a bride. No matter what season you are in, sparkly makeup and really shimmers and shines is a great way to brighten up your makeup and it looks beautiful on your wedding day!


Contour Your Makeup

Contouring your makeup to your face will not only highlight all of the areas that you want to highlight, but this is a great tip for bridal makeup that will really make your face look beautiful. Whether you are contouring your nose to look smaller or you just want to bring out your cheekbones, make sure that you contour all over the place!


Plan a Spa Day before the Big Day

Finally ladies, one of the biggest overlooked tips for bridal makeup is the day before the big day. Why not schedule in a spa day to really get your face looking beautiful and also to help you relax? Trust me, it'll help!

As you can see, there are quite a few tips for bridal makeup that you can follow easily! Wedding season is right around the corner and if you are getting married, try out some of these tips for bridal makeup and let us know how they work! What tips do you ladies have? How did you wear your makeup for your wedding?

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