7 Eye Makeup Techniques to Learn ...


7 Eye Makeup Techniques to Learn ...
7 Eye Makeup Techniques to Learn ...

Eye makeup techniques are a mystery known only to makeup artists and a few privileged women. Or so it seems to the rest of us! Have you ever struggled to apply mascara without poking yourself in the eye, or attempted an eyeliner flick which looks like you´ve used a highlighter pen? Here are the eye makeup techniques that you need to learn, with some tutorials to help you perfect them. Trust me, these eye makeup techniques are incredible!

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Does your eye makeup only seem to last five minutes? That´s probably because you´re not providing a base for the colour. What is needed is one of two things. Either use a primer, or apply a tiny amount of your foundation to your eyelids. This way, the shadow has a base to stick to.



Shading is an essential eye makeup technique, and perhaps one of the trickiest. The difficulty comes with knowing what type of eyes you have – for example, if they are deep-set – and learning how to work with that. Try the above tutorial to help you.



Unless you want to look like a badger, learning how to blend is another eye makeup technique you need to pick up, especially when using different shades. It´s important to have the correct brushes in order to be able to blend properly. See above for a quick and easy tutorial.



Mascara should be one of the easiest eye makeup techniques, yet most women struggle to apply it. Invariably we get globs of mascara in our eye, and smudge it once it´s finally applied to our satisfaction. Here is a fantastic tutorial that shows you simply and quickly how to get perfect lashes. No more smudges!


Smoky Eyes

Smokey eyes are always in vogue when it comes to a stunning evening look. But what do you do if, when you try this technique, you always manage to end up looking like you´ve given yourself a black eye? Check out this tutorial to teach you how to apply the smoky eye look perfectly.


Eye Shape

As I´ve mentioned above, the shape of your eyes can influence the makeup techniques you use. Are you unsure what type of eyes you have (aside from blue or brown!), or how to make them look their best? There are plenty of websites to help; try eyestune.com or the above video tutorial.


Eyeliner Flick

When you try an eyeliner flick, does it look more like a dog´s dinner than a cat´s eye? It might take a little practise to master the correct technique, but there are plenty of hints and tutorials to help you. So grab a liquid eyeliner, watch the above video, and in no time at all you´ll have the eyeliner flick looking perfect.

Eye makeup techniques may be more difficult to pick up than other makeup techniques, but there are so many online tutorials available that with practise you will soon be able to have perfectly made-up peepers. The beauty (lol) is that you can stop the video, and watch it as many times as you need. Is there an eye makeup technique that you´ve never been able to manage (until now)?

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