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7 Wonderful Tips for Perfect Eyebrow Makeup ...

By Heather

Finding the right tips for eyebrow makeup isn't easy, believe me, I've been trying to years! What that means, is that I was able to take all of my experience in finding the best tips for eyebrow makeup and share them with you! So ladies, if you've had problems finding tips for eyebrow makeup to make you look beautiful, don't worry, I've got your back!

1 Use Eyebrow Shadow

When you're using your eyeshadow, one of the most common mistakes that many women make is bringing the eyeshadow up to the brow! Not only does bringing those colors up to your brow highlight your brow, but it'll bring out your eyes! So ladies, try this tip for eyebrow makeup, I promise, it'll make all of the difference!

2 Try Brow Gel

Now, I actually didn't know they made gel specifically for your eyebrows, but they do! Using eyebrow gel, just a small amount is a great way to keep your eyebrow hairs in check and keep them slicked back. This is for sure one of the tips for eyebrow makeup that really works!


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3 Trim Your Brows

I wouldn't suggest doing this yourself, but a professional can definitely trim your eyebrows down a little so those hairs don't get out of control. If you happen to get your eyebrows waxed, just ask for a trim and the stylist would be happy to do it! This will help the eyebrow shape and will truly help any makeup you put under your eyebrows stand out!

4 Pluck for Perfect Shape

Let's say you don't want to get your eyebrows waxed, that's okay! You can definitely pluck your own brows, just remember, the shape is very important so make sure you are following along the natural curve of your brow. Personally, I am so scared of plucking my own brows, how do you ladies do it?

5 Fill in with a Eyebrow Pencil

Let's say that you've plucked a little too much. That's okay! There are eyebrow pencils out there to help you. Also, if you don't have a lot of hair along your brow and have some holes, the eyebrow pencil will help out! Remember, one of the tips for eyebrow makeup is choosing the right color of pencil for you!

6 Choose the Right Color

Speaking of colors, choosing the right color for your eyebrow pencil is very, very important. You don't want to get a black eyebrow pencil if you have light brown eyebrows. You want it to look natural!

7 Brush Your Brows

Finally ladies, make sure that you are brushing your brows up. This is a great way to ensure that your brows look perfect when you are placing makeup under them. Also, one of the tips for eyebrow makeup that you should follow is choosing lighter colors that highlight your brow, rather than dark colors that might draw away from them.

So ladies, these are my top tips for eyebrow makeup, do you have any more to share? What challenges have you had with eyebrow makeup? Did any of these tips for eyebrow makeup help? Come on, share!

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