21 Tips on How to Make Eyelashes Grow ...

By Heather

21 Tips on How to Make Eyelashes Grow ...

Learning how to make eyelashes grow naturally can actually save you a ton on mascara! If you have naturally long eyelashes, who says you need to invest in a lot of mascara? So ladies, with the hype lately being long eyelashes, I've got the low-down on the top 21 tips on how to make your eyelashes grow naturally ! Take a look below and see all of my tips on how to make your eyelashes grow!

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Brush Eyelashes

clothing, photo shoot, pattern, spring, model, It sounds weird right? There are actually small little combs that you can use to brush your eyelashes out before you put on that mascara, but did you know that by brushing your eyelashes, you can actually make them grow a little longer? This is truly one of my favorite tips on how to make your eyelashes grow that is easy to do!


Cleanse Gently

Since we're on the topic of leaving your lashes and face makeup-free, let's talk about cleansing. Your eye area is super delicate so be very gentle when you apply or remove your eye makeup. Tugging or pulling on the skin to remove stubborn mascara can cause your lashes to break or fall out!


Avoid Waterproof Mascara

Some people swear by waterproof mascara because it's long-lasting and it's also said to hold curl better. That may be true but waterproof mascara can also be drying to the eyelashes. See, the formula is made to withstand water and tears so it's extra hard to remove making it a real pain to remove. All that tugging on your eyelids can cause them to weaken and dry out.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great home remedy! You can use it to soothe sunburned skin, take off makeup, as an eyebrow gel, soothe blisters, and help strengthen and grow your eyelashes. Break open an aloe vera leaf, get the gel inside the leaf and neatly apply it your lashes with a clean mascara wand. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning.


Avoid Overusing Falsies

False lashes are a quick and easy way to achieve mile-long lashes but they can really do a number on your real lashes. All the glue and pulling off the strip of lashes can weaken, break or even pull out eyelashes! If you wear falsies regularly, try to limit your use and give your lashes some extra TLC by moisturizing with aloe vera or castor oil.

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Use Vaseline

black, red, photograph, painting, photography, Instead of spending your money on something that could darken your eyes, why not try something easy and quick? Just a little swipe of Vaseline on your eyelid before you go to bed will increase your lashes and will make them longer! This will take a while to see results, but trust me, it works and it's so easy!


Olive Oil

hair,face,woman,person,black hair, I actually swear by this tip on how to make your eyelashes grow. It really works! Just adding a bit of olive oil to your lids at night will truly help your eyelashes soak up all of the vitamins and minerals in olive oil!


Massage Eyelids

eyewear,hair,glasses,face,vision care, Eyelashes can fall out, they can even break and be brittle if we do happen to mistreat them. This means that rubbing your eyelids and actually stimulating the hair follicles can actually truly help make your eyelashes grow stronger and longer in no time at all!


Vitamin E

person, model, beauty, profession, hat, Before you give up and go with just a lengthening mascara though, why not try some straight Vitamin E? Vitamin E lotion is a great way to really increase your eyelashes and really, the vitamin that will push your eyelashes to the max of growth.



hair,face,person,black hair,woman, Did you know that your diet can actually affect how your eyelashes grow too? If you have a really bad diet and are constantly eating up fatty foods, you might see that your eyelashes aren't as long as they could be. Switch up your diet and get some fruits and veggies in there and you'll notice a huge difference!


Coconut Milk

I love adding coconut milk to my coffee but I might have to start adding to my beauty routine! Did you know that the healthy fats in coconut milk can help grow your lashes? Yup, that's right! It also imparts a nice shine that gives lashes a healthy look. Soak some cotton balls in cold coconut milk, squeeze out any excess liquid and place them over your eyes. After 10-15 minutes, remove the cotton balls, gently wash your eyelashes in cool water.


Focus on Protein

clothing, supermodel, model, blond, photo shoot, Sometimes, a healthy diet enough may not be enough to grow your eyelashes back out. If you're not getting enough protein, no amount of fruits and veggies will fix it. While you shouldn't overdose on protein, you do need it to grow your hair out, even your eyelashes. Eat more body-friendly proteins instead of red meat or heavily processed powders. I like raw vegan protein powders for a cleaner option, and like to focus on wild fish, which is full of benefits. Eggs are another great option, but be sure to buy them from a reputable source if you can.


Take Biotin

face,hair,blue,eyebrow,purple, Known as the hair, nail and skin vitamin, biotin is a B vitamin that will make your hair grow incredibly fast! I grew my eyelashes out in 3 months by taking biotin every single day. I like supplements that are allergen friendly, like Sundown Naturals, and it's good to start with a 5,000 mg supplement for extra strength.


Don't Pull

eyebrow,face,hair,black hair,person, When washing your makeup off, be sure not to pull at your eyelashes. I like mascara that comes off really easily to prevent tugging and pulling at lashes. Pulling stunts growth and undoes all the hard work you've put into making those lashes grow again! My favorite mascara at the moment is Physician's Formula AquaProof mascara. It's affordable, available at any drugstore, it stays on all day, is water-proof, and it comes off easily with a little makeup remover.


Clean Your Eyelashes

face,hair,nose,beauty,blond, Even all your attempts are going to go unnoticed if you don't practice proper eyelash care. Make sure you gently wash your eyes each and every day to remove make-up, other products and all the gunk and grime they pick up over the course of the day. Use a facial cleanser or wipes before you go to bed each night.


Green Tea

face,nose,nail,eyelash,beauty, Here's another great reason to stock your pantry with green tea. Only in this case, you won't drink it. Instead, you are going to put it straight on your eyelashes. It might sound weird, but I promise that it works! Simply dip a cotton ball in freshly steeped green tea and gently swipe it on your lashes. It can help promote growth. Just make sure you steep a fresh cup for drinking!


Egg Whites and Castor Oil

eyebrow,face,hair,cheek,nose, Yuck, right? Don't worry - you aren't going to drink it. Mix together two drops of each and brush the combination on your eyelids right before bed. While you sleep, this magical elixir is said to make your lashes stronger so you won't have to worry about them falling out.


Eyelash Serum

hair,clothing,person,lady,photography, Yes, there is such a thing. It's fairly new, but it said to work wonders on your eyelashes. Look for products like Latisse, Lilash, or NutraLuxe to get started. According to the experts, eyelash serum strengthens follicles, which promotes growth. Who could ask for more?


Try Lash Accelerator

hair,photography,beauty,hairstyle,long hair, Did you know that there are actually lash accelerator mascaras out there? Rimmel London has a great one and it really works! While you might spend a little more on mascara, in the end, you'll save because your lashes will grow longer and thicker. Try it and tell me how you love it! This tip on how to make your eyelashes grow is as simple as applying a coat of mascara!


Consider a Keratin Treatment

I'm sure you've heard of hair care products that contain keratin. Well, there's a keratin treatment for your eyelashes, too! It's called a Yumi keratin lash lift and it gives your lashes a boost and incredible curl. It's like the look of falsies without the maintenance. Each treatment costs about $150 and lasts around 2 months.


Lengthening Mascara

clothing, hair, photograph, dress, photography, Finally ladies, if you truly can't get your eyelashes to grow, there is always lengthening mascara that you can try. There are also mascaras that contain lengthening fibers that instantly lengthen and thicken your lashes. Too Faced's Better than Sex or L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber lashes are good options. Stiletto is one of my favorites, what is yours?

There are tons of different tips on how to make your eyelashes grow, you just have to find the ones that work for you. These are just the tips on how to make your eyelashes grow that have always worked for me. Do you ladies have any more to add? Come on, share your experiences!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Eliza Martinez and Lisa Washington.

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Hi, I'm young, and I had false lashes put on and they have taken out near enough all my real lashes, parts of my lids are bald, please tell me they grow back:(((

i pulled some of my eyelashes out on both eyes with my eyelash curler. how long will it take for them to grow back and how can i speed up the process?

Coconut Oil works amazingly, btw. I i noticed

Just tried the olive oil and it is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much:)

I have Vitamin E oil in a bottle can I use that instead of Vitamin E lotion??

I pretty much always wear Vaseline on my eyelashes and I have been for ages , and it works so well