7 Tips for Wearing Liquid Eyeliner This Fall ...


7 Tips for Wearing Liquid Eyeliner This Fall ...
7 Tips for Wearing Liquid Eyeliner This Fall ...

Knowing how to wear liquid eyeliner successfully can really add some intensity to your look. Bold, dramatic eyes are perfect for adding some drama to your fall looks. Whether you opt for the classic cat eye or a fun coloured liner, there are plenty of ways to make liquid eyeliner work for you. Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can start experimenting with different trends. The following are a few tips for wearing liquid eyeliner this fall.

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Prime Time

The first step for how to wear liquid eyeliner is to make sure you have a good base. To make your liquid eyeliner last the distance, it pays to use a primer. Applying a dedicated primer or cream eyeshadow to your eyelids will help create a base for the eyeliner to stick to.


Eyeshadow Matters

When you’re wearing liquid eyeliner this fall, you’re best sticking to a fairly nude or natural eye. However, the smokey eye is always a favourite and looks even more dramatic when teamed with liquid eyeliner. If you’ll be wearing eye shadow, apply it before you put on your liquid eyeliner.


Wing It

You can’t go past this classic look when it comes to wearing liquid eyeliner! It’s perfect for recreating the glamorous retro vibe that was all over the fall 2012 runways. Simply flick the eyeliner up and out at the corner of your eyes to create a winged/cat eye effect. To ensure that the line is even, apply the eyeliner in a fluid movement. This fall remember that the thicker and more dramatic the line, the better!


Daytime Duty

I used to think that liquid eyeliner was best kept for night time only. But I’m now a fan of wearing it during the day. It’s perfect for spicing up a barely there face of makeup. When looking at how to wear liquid eyeliner this way, keep the line a mid-weight thickness and keep the rest of your makeup fairly simple.


Colour in

Coloured eyeliner can definitely look more high fashion than tragic trend. When looking at how to wear liquid eyeliner in colour, stay subdued in autumnal hues or be daring in electric blue liner. Feeling that extra bit kooky? Take inspiration from the fall 2012 runways of Anna Sui and dot some circles under your eyes while you’re at it.


Double up

One line of liquid eyeliner is simply not enough, if the recent fall makeup trends are anything to go by. Once you’ve applied the eyeliner to your lashline, swipe on a thinner line above and parallel to it for an updated makeup look.



It takes a while to master the art of knowing how to wear liquid eyeliner. It requires a steady hand and plenty of patience. Take the time to apply your eyeliner and do so in a calm environment and ahead of schedule. There’s nothing worse than applying makeup in a hurry and I find that’s even more so the case when it comes to liquid eyeliner!

These are just a few tips for how to wear liquid eyeliner this fall. If you’re applying liquid eyeliner for the first time, my tip would be to keep the makeup remover and cotton buds handy! What are your best tips for wearing liquid eyeliner?

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Milani Eye Tech in the gold tube is my favorite! I have the oiliest eyelids on the planet and this stuff stays put. LOVE.

I never wore liquid eyeliner until I bought a felt-tipped liquid eyeliner pen. IT IS AMAZING. The one I have is Maybelline Master Precise. The ease of a creme eyeliner stick with the boldness of liquid. :)

I've never used liquid eyeliner, I think I'll have to try it out now! Great article!

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