10 Awesome Makeup Secrets for Multi-Colored Eyes ...


10 Awesome Makeup Secrets for Multi-Colored Eyes ...
10 Awesome Makeup Secrets for Multi-Colored Eyes ...

Makeup tips for multi-colored eyes are not easy to come by ladies! You asked for these tips and I pulled them together! Below, I've got the top 10 makeup tips for multi-colored eyes that can be used for people who have two different color eyes or even just multi colors in their eyes! So girls, you ready to explore my top 10 makeup tips for multi-colored eyes that will really highlight each and every color you have in your eyes?

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Know Your Color

First and foremost girls, you've got to know your color. Do you have brown eyes? Do you have deep blue eyes? Do you have brilliant green eyes? Knowing your color is one of the top makeup tips for multi-colored eyes that you can ever get! Once you know your shade extremely well, you'll be able to know exactly what makeup goes well with it!


Purples Highlight Greens

While you might have read a few of my other posts about purples and greens, you've got to know that it's true! Purple gos extremely well with green eyes and can really draw them out! So if you have one green eye and one brown eye, maybe try going with the purple accents do you can draw the green out in both eyes!


Silvers & Whites Highlight Blues

If you have deep blue eyes and you want to draw the blue out, silvers and whites are the way to do it! Using these colors as a makeup tips for multi-colored eyes can really draw out the blue in your eyes, no matter what color they are. So let's say that you have one blue eye and one green eye. You have the best of both worlds, because you can use a little bit of white, a little silver and even a bit of purple to draw both of the colors out!


Golds & Coppers Highlight Brown/Hazel

Now, onto all of your brown and hazel folks. This makeup tips for multi-colored eyes is all about golds and copper tones being used to draw out the brown and really highlight the hazel in your eyes. So if you have one brown out and one blue eye and you really want to highlight the brown, this is the way to do it!


Using glimmering shades of gold and copper, you can effortlessly accentuate the warmer tones in your eyes, creating a subtle yet stunning contrast. Applying these metallic shades mainly on the eyelid and inner corners of your eyes can make your brown pop while simultaneously illuminating the hazel. The trick is in blending — use a fluffy brush to meld the colors softly at the crease, ensuring there's no harsh line. For an added touch of glam, dab a bit of shimmering highlighter just beneath the brow bone. Remember, with metallics, a little goes a long way, so start light and build up as desired.



Girls, because you have two different colored eyes or even if you just have eyes that multiple colors (like a fleck of brown in a blue eye), you want to experiment with what you want. You have the option to really hype up any colors of the rainbow and really see exactly what works best for your colors. So, don't be scared that you are going to look awful if you choose a color that highlights one color over the other – find what works for you! That's the greatest makeup tips for multi-colored eyes that you can follow!


Curl Your Lashes

When you have multi-colored eyes, don't forget about your lashes! These can actually highlight any color of eyes and can really make your lashes stand out. I use my lash curler to do this, but if you get a volumizing mascara, they can curl your lashes too, it just all depends on exactly what you are looking for!


Find the Mascara That Works for Your Shade

Going along the same lines as curling your lashes, you want to find a mascara color that actually works for your shade. This makeup tips for multi-colored eyes is extremely important because sometimes, black doesn't always highlight every single color, so make sure that you experiment a bit with different mascara colors!


Choose Colors That Compliment Both Eye Colors

Because you have multi-colored eyes, you have the advantage of being able to choose colors that compliment both eyes. This makeup tip for multi-colored eyes is very important and that's why experimenting is really important too. You want to find a balance so you can see exactly what works for your eyes!


When it comes to makeup for multi-colored eyes, it is important to choose colors that compliment both eye colors. You can experiment with different shades and hues to find the perfect balance for your eyes. It is also important to use the right type of makeup for your eye color. For example, if your eyes are blue and green, you should opt for a lighter shade of eyeshadow, such as pastel colors. If your eyes are brown and blue, you should use darker shades of eyeshadow, such as browns and purples.

In addition to choosing colors that compliment both eye colors, you should also consider the shape of your eyes. Different eye shapes require different types of makeup. For example, if you have round eyes, you should use darker shades of eyeshadow to make them appear larger. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you should use lighter shades of eyeshadow to make them appear wider.


Enhance Your Colors

This makeup tip for multi-colored eyes is all about enhancing the colors that you have and bringing out the colors that you want to in the other eye. Remember girls, you want to experiment, you want to find out exactly what works, what doesn't and what looks good! You have an extremely unique and different options, because of your multi-colored eyes!


Enhancing the colors of multi-colored eyes can be a tricky task. However, with the right products and techniques, you can get the look you want. Start by applying a light, neutral base to your eyes. This will create a smooth canvas for the colors you want to bring out. Then, use an eyeshadow primer to make the colors last longer.

Next, use a colored eyeshadow to bring out the colors in your eyes. Choose a shade that complements the colors in your eyes, and apply it to the lid and crease. For a more dramatic look, use a darker shade in the crease. You can also use a light shimmer to highlight the colors in your eyes.

To finish the look, add a layer of mascara and a few coats of eyeliner. If you want to make your eyes look even brighter, use a colored eyeliner to draw attention to the colors in your eyes. Finally, use a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas and create a defined arch. With these simple steps, you can enhance the colors in your multi-colored eyes and create a stunning look.


Cover up the Dark Circles

Finally girls, make sure that you cover up all of those dark circles that you might have. The reason is because you want to let your beautiful eyes sing! Not for people to dwell on what's under your eyes!

Well girls! There you have it, all of my top makeup tips for multi-colored eyes! I love multi-colored eyes, they are some of the most beautiful and different! So, what other makeup tips for multi-colored eyes do you have?

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I think if you elaborated more on this it would be more helpful. For example, in the mascara section, suggest what types of mascaras are good for different eye colors.

I have one blue eye, and a strange, greenish eye with a golden colored ring around the pupil. advice?

Ugh! I so want multi-colored eyes so badly. I really want to enhance the other colors in my eyes because all I ever see is brown. Lucky!

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10 Awesome Makeup Secrets for Multi-Colored Eyes!

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