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7 Unexpected Ways to Remove Water-proof Makeup ...

By Lisa

Looking for some ways to remove water-proof makeup? Water-proof makeup is very handy when we want our makeup to last, but taking it off is a whole other story! I think we all know what a pain any type of long-wearing or waterproof makeup can be to remove! So, whether you’re dealing with a lip stain or waterproof eye makeup, I found 7 different ways to tackle the issue, continue reading to learn how!

1 Warm Water

Does using warm water sound like a wackadoodle way to remove water-proof makeup? That’s because warm water is just the beginning of the process! I used to always take a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover straight to my eyes but when I have really stubborn eye makeup, I start by loosening it with some warm water on a washcloth. This step is totally optional but if you’ve got some stubborn mascara on, this can be a great help!

2 Petroleum Jelly

Ladies, using petroleum jelly as a makeup remover isn’t anything new but it’s definitely an unexpected way to remove it! Some shy away from petroleum jelly because it’s a byproduct of oil drilling but it’s actually in a lot of products we use. I’m not a huge fan of using petroleum jelly on my eye area but if it works for you or you’re in a bind, do what you gotta do! You can also use petroleum jelly to take off lipstick and lipstick stains!

3 Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the more well-known ways to remove water-proof makeup. Many people use olive oil to remove waterproof mascara but you can also use it take off blush, foundation, lipstick and theater makeup! You can even take off eyelash extensions with olive oil after you’ve steamed your face, it’s a really versatile little oil that we should always keep in our kitchen! Just be careful, if you have oily skin, you might want to head on over to coconut oil!

4 Coconut Oil

Another easy and economical way to remove water-proof makeup is to use coconut oil! Coconut oil smells divine and the oil can condition your eyelashes too! All you do is dab a quarter-size dollop on your fingers and massage on your closed eyelids to loosen up eye makeup and gently swipe off with a cotton pad or ball!

5 No Tears Baby Shampoo

Have you heard of using baby oil to remove waterproof makeup? I hadn’t and while some love it, others aren’t so fond of using it as a makeup remover, so it’s your call. You can make it by mixing some baby shampoo and water at a 1:10 ratio and pouring it in a container. Shake it up and apply on your eyelids like you would any other remover.

6 Jojoba Oil

A more popular, yet still not very well-known method to remove waterproof makeup is to use jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a natural plant extract that has a ton of different uses like some of the other natural products on this list. To use jojoba oil to remove makeup, grab a small container and fill it with equal parts water and jojoba oil. Shake it, pour some on a cotton pad and wipe your day away!

7 Cold Cream

Using cold cream is one of the classic ways to remove water-proof makeup. You might not see cold creams like Pond’s that often but it’s been around for over 2,000 years! Cold cream can remove all traces of makeup and dirt while moisturizing and softening your skin. Hit up your local drug store to get a jar of this beauty classic, dab on a quarter-sized amount and rub it all over your face and neck. Grab a warm, damp wash cloth and gently remove the cold cream.

There are lots of different ways to remove water-proof makeup and stubborn long-wearing makeup. We have lots of options so just because one product you tried doesn’t work, don’t lose heart! While these alternate methods of taking off makeup are great, sometimes you need to a product that’s specifically made for eyes and to remove makeup so don’t forget about store-bought eye makeup removers! What are your tips for removing hard to remove makeup?

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