8 Eyeliner Tutorials You Need to See ...


8 Eyeliner Tutorials You Need to See ...
8 Eyeliner Tutorials You Need to See ...

You've asked us to deliver easy-to-see and easy-to-view eyeliner tutorials and we have! I've scoured YouTube in search of the best eyeliner tutorials to really help you girls master some of the hottest eyeliner trends and tricks out there! So whether you are looking for an eye makeup tutorial that will help your everyday makeup routine or an eyeliner tutorial that is a little more difficult, I've got you covered!

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The Cat-Eye

The cat-eye is absolutely one of my favorite eyeliner tricks out there. Angelina Jolie is the one actress who perfected it and it looks amazing every single time! Do you want to do a cat-eye like Angie? Well girls, you've got to take a look at this eyeliner tutorial that will teach you the ins and outs of the cat-eye and will truly make sure that you know what you are doing when you are armed with that eyeliner pencil!


Modern '60s Tutorial

If you are looking for a real '60s look that is totally on trend this year, you've got to take a look at the eyeliner tutorial above! This tutorial goes over every single product that you need for a fab retro appearance. While you might need some pro products for this awesome look, it is totally worth it! I love, love this look, girls, and if you do it, let us know how it turns out!


Feathered Eyeliner

This is actually a really cool eyeliner tutorial, with a trick that I had absolutely no idea how to do until I watched it. She goes over all of the products that she is using, makes it super easy to go through and even makes sure that you understand exactly how to put on your eye shadow. She looks so beautiful, girls, and this eyeliner trick is so neat!


Rainbow Eyeliner

All over Facebook and Tumblr, I've seen all sorts of different pictures of rainbow eyeliner and it's so vibrant and pretty! Truthfully, this eyeliner might be a little tricky, but it's totally worth it! This eyeliner tutorial makes the rainbow liner super easy and it's so sweet! For me, I love using colorful makeup to spice up my everyday look!


Double Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

I've gotten a ton of different requests for an eyeliner tutorial that shows you exactly how to do the double-winged liner technique. This one is it! This eyeliner tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of the full double wing. I love this tutorial because it outlines everything that you need and is super easy to follow!


Smudged Eyeliner

Have you been trying to do a smudged eyeliner look but you can't ever get it right? This incredible technique not only looks beautiful, but it's super easy to to do! It's a great everyday look and the best part? It doesn't have to look perfect every single time, because it's all smudged!


Bat Wing Eyeliner

This is absolutely one of my favorite eyeliner tutorials out there. It'll show you exactly how to pull off the bat wing trick, which is not cool looking, but super dramatic too! Have you been dying to try the bat wing look but you can't get it right? Give this tutorial a try, girls!


Everyday Eyeliner

Finally girls, are you just looking for an eyeliner tutorial that will give you that everyday look that is not super dramatic but would be perfect for the office? Take a look at this tutorial! I absolutely love it! It's a winged look, but it's not too over the top.

Well ladies, there you have it! These are my top eyeliner tutorials that will teach you everything that you need to know about eyeliner tricks! So, what other eyeliner tutorials are out there that you love? Share them with me, I'm dying to know!

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I thought they were all fabulous, except the one on the rainbow liner; it would not play for me.The bar said "private video".

This is perfect. I'm addicted to eyeliner and this really helped

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