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7 Tips for Mastering Matte Eyeshadow ...

By Sophia

Knowing which matte eyeshadow tips to master can help you pull off this beauty look. Unlike shimmers or creams, matte eyeshadows tend to be flat in colour. If you want a full colour look, then a matte eyeshadow is probably your best bet. Neutral matte eyeshadows are subtle enough for wearing during the day, while colourful matte shadows can really make a statement. Check out the following tips for matte eyeshadow application.

1 Base Matters

Make sure your matte eyeshadow stays put by preparing your lids beforehand. Matte eyeshadows can be tricky to apply, so using a primer or a base coat on your eyelids will help give the eyeshadow something to grip to as well as helping bring out the colour more. Try using a matte foundation or concealer, or even a skin coloured matte shadow as your base.

2 Matte on Matte

When you’re applying matte eyeshadow, use a matte base as well. When it comes to matte eyeshadow tips, this will ensure you get the best results possible. If you apply matte eyeshadow on a creamy or shimmery base, it’ll lessen the impact of your matte shadow.

3 Blend

Matte eyeshadows tend to be fairly pigmented, so it doesn’t take much to achieve full colour application. Because of this, it’s important to gradually apply your eyeshadow to create more of a blended look. Choose a few complementary eyeshadow colours to add depth to your look.

4 Technique

When it comes to matte eyeshadow tips, application is important too. Using an eyeshadow brush or your finger, slowly dab the eyeshadow onto your lids instead of brushing it or swiping it on. This technique will help achieve better coverage in the long run.

5 Prevent Fallout

Keep your eyeshadow where you want it – on your lids! Fold up a piece of tissue and hold it underneath your eye when applying your eyeshadow. This way, the tissue will catch any fallen pigments that may otherwise have found themselves all over your face.

6 Focus

If you’re after a bold, full colour look with your matte eyeshadow, take the rest of your makeup look into consideration. A bright, colourful eye is best left with a more natural face. If you’re going for a subtle matte eye, however, you can be more adventurous in your cheek and lip colour.

7 Practice

Like any skill, if you want to master these matte eyeshadow tips then get practicing! Practice makes perfect after all, right? Before you experiment with new makeup looks, set aside some time beforehand so you get the application just right and avoid any potential disasters!

Matte eyeshadows are available in a range of colours, from a range of brands, at a range of different price points. These matte eyeshadow tips will hopefully help you get the most out of your products. What are your best tips for matte eyeshadow application?

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