7 Tips for Mastering Matte Eyeshadow ...


Knowing which matte eyeshadow tips to master can help you pull off this beauty look. Unlike shimmers or creams, matte eyeshadows tend to be flat in colour. If you want a full colour look, then a matte eyeshadow is probably your best bet. Neutral matte eyeshadows are subtle enough for wearing during the day, while colourful matte shadows can really make a statement. Check out the following tips for matte eyeshadow application.

1. Base Matters

Make sure your matte eyeshadow stays put by preparing your lids beforehand. Matte eyeshadows can be tricky to apply, so using a primer or a base coat on your eyelids will help give the eyeshadow something to grip to as well as helping bring out the colour more. Try using a matte foundation or concealer, or even a skin coloured matte shadow as your base.

Matte on Matte
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