8 Eyebrow Pencil Tips You've Got to Know ...

When you've got to draw on your eyebrows, finding ideal eyebrow pencil tips is never easy! If you're looking for eyebrow tips that really work and that can make your eyebrows look amazing, I've got them! My girlfriend has been drawing on her eyebrows for years and she has perfected the art using an eyebrow pencil. So, I picked her brain, folks, and below, I've compiled a list the top eyebrow pencil tips!

1. Shade Comes First

One of the first eyebrow pencil tips we're going to talk about is the shade! Yes girls, the shade makes all of the difference when it comes to your eyebrows, so make sure that you are choosing carefully. If you choose a color that is too dark, it can stand out too much and a shade that is too light won't stand out enough, so you've got to choose carefully!