7 Concealer Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Flawless ...


7 Concealer Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Flawless ...
7 Concealer Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Flawless ...

Learning all of the concealer tricks that will help your skin look absolutely perfect and flawless is never easy! If you aren't a pro in the makeup ring, how can you really make your skin appear completely and totally flawless? Well girls, I've compiled a list of all of my concealer tricks that I use to cover up my blemishes, imperfections and beauty spots and make my skin look awesome! You want to look fresh-faced and flawless? Take a look at my concealer tips below!

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Covering a Blemish

Blemishes are some of the hardest things in the world to cover, but with this, one of my favorite concealer tricks, you can cover up your zits in no time! To downplay the raised up and red blemishes, all you need to do is take some green concealer (because green counteracts red), dab lightly onto the blemish. Blend into your skin with your finger and then top with a pressed translucent powder. After that? Don't touch!


Covering Dark Circles

We all know that using concealer tricks to cover under eye circles is huge. Do you know how to really do it though? Well, firstly, start with some eye cream that will really hydrate your skin and make it appear super plump. Then, smooth on a concealer that is a shade darker than what you would typically use. The reasoning? Your face casts some shadows. Next, skip the powder, add on your foundation and you'll see just how natural and smooth your under-eyes look!


Fine Lines

Learning how to use your concealer tricks to cover up your fine lines is so important! All you need is a winkle-filling serum and some liquid concealer. All you do is squeeze a bit of the wrinkle-filler onto your finger, dab it into the wrinkle, and blend until it is barely noticeable then top with the liquid concealer to completely hide that fine line. Skip the powder on this one girls!


Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is so difficult to handle, but when you use the right concealer tricks it can be really easy to cover. You don't want to overdo the concealing when you have uneven skin tones, otherwise it can look extremely unflattering and unnatural. First, start with your primer, then use a little bit of full-coverage foundation and place it on with a clean foundation brush. From there, dot on your yellow-based concealer and blend, blend, blend!


Red Cheeks

Remember when I said that green concealer is the best to cover up red? That's exactly what you are going to want to use here! You want to spread a bit of the concealer over your red cheeks, so you can make them less-red and less noticeable. Remember, use a full-coverage foundation too!


Spider Veins

I know it's hard to handle spider veins anywhere on your body, but sometimes it happens and you've got to know exactly how to cover them right? What you want is a pencil or a wand-style concealer that will allow for the most pinpointed coverage and control. Just trace over the veins and blend with your pinkie finger. From there, set with some pressed translucent powder!


Redness around the Nose

Do you have a whole lot of red around your nose? Have you been trying to get rid of it forever? Well, with my concealer tricks, you can! You want to avoid a moisturizer; instead, just use a flat-tipped concealer brush with a bit of yellow-based concealer right around the red areas of your nose. Next, you want to blend, blend, blend on your foundation, this will neutralize the rest. Finally, cover up with a bit of translucent powder!

Now that you have all of the top concealer tricks right at your fingertips, you're going to look flawless right? What other concealer tricks do you have to share girls? Give a shout out in the comments!!

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