7 Fabulous Bronzer Application Tips to Make You Look Beautiful ...


Bronzer is one of the only makeup products that so many people have problems applying; but learning how to apply bronzer isn't hard, once you know all of the tips and tricks. The thing about bronzer that a lot of people confuse is that they think they need to apply bronzer everywhere! Truthfully, applying bronzer should be done to give you that sun-kissed and glowing look! So girls, get out your bronzer and take a look at my top bronzer application tips that will ensure you don't look orange!

1. Choose the Right Bronzer for You

The very first bronzer application tip that we've got to talk about is the right bronzer for you. You want a bronzer that is not too dark and is not going to make you look unnatural. This means, taking your skin tone into account, you want a bronzer that is two shades darker than your typical skin tone.

Loose or Pressed?
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