7 Fabulous Bronzer Application Tips to Make You Look Beautiful ...


7 Fabulous Bronzer Application Tips to Make You Look Beautiful ...
7 Fabulous Bronzer Application Tips to Make You Look Beautiful ...

Bronzer is one of the only makeup products that so many people have problems applying; but learning how to apply bronzer isn't hard, once you know all of the tips and tricks. The thing about bronzer that a lot of people confuse is that they think they need to apply bronzer everywhere! Truthfully, applying bronzer should be done to give you that sun-kissed and glowing look! So girls, get out your bronzer and take a look at my top bronzer application tips that will ensure you don't look orange!

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Choose the Right Bronzer for You

The very first bronzer application tip that we've got to talk about is the right bronzer for you. You want a bronzer that is not too dark and is not going to make you look unnatural. This means, taking your skin tone into account, you want a bronzer that is two shades darker than your typical skin tone.


Loose or Pressed?

So, which is better? Well, that all depends on you! For me, I like the pressed bronzer better, as I feel like I have more control over where it goes and how much color I get on my bronzer brush. Some people though, when they are learning how to apply bronzer go with the loose powder bronzer. Try and practice to find out what works best for you! For me, I actually love the pressed, as it's so easy to control where I put it and how much. But that's just me!


Swirl the Brush on Skin

One bronzer application tip that took me forever to actually learn is swirling the brush along my cheeks, instead of just sweeping it. Swirling and doing circles instead of just allowing yourself to sweep upward will make the bronzer appear more natural and will give you that overall sun-kissed look without overdoing it. Remember, orange is bad!


Upward & Outward Motion

When you are swirling, another bronzer application tip that is super helpful is upward and outward motions. So take your brush, coat it in the bronzer, tap off the excess and start your swirling, moving the brush up and out. It will give you the very best look and will really make you look tan – without the orange Snooki glow!


Start with Very Little

When you are first learning how to apply bronzer, you don't want to overdo it right off, so start with just a little bit of bronzer. Starting with a small amount will give you more control and will make it harder for you to overdo the bronzer on your face!


Under Your Cheekbones

In watching a bunch of bronzer tutorials on YouTube, I've actually found the very best way to define your cheekbones is to actually sweep a bit of bronzer (in that circular motion!) under your cheekbones! This will make your cheekbones stand out beautifully and can actually slim your face down!


Blot to Remove Access

Finally girls, the last bronzer application tip that we're going to talk about is removing the excess from your cheeks! Just blot a little bit, just like you do when you have too much lipstick on and remove some of the excess until your skin starts to look more natural!

So you lovely ladies out there, what other bronzer application tips do you have to share with me? Do you use any of these tips? How did you learn how to apply bronzer?

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❤ this!

what bronzer do you recommend for my skin? I am very fair with a yellowish undertone but my cheeks are rosy pink :/ so I have trouble distinguishing b/w cool and warm.

Never knew bronzer existed until a few weeks ago and just started using it. Great article. Very helpful for this newbie.

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