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7 Fab Makeup Tutorials to Create Fake Freckles ...

By Eliza

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Girls with freckles want to cover them up, while girls without love and covet them. If you fall into the latter category, you can effectively fake freckles for the look you want. It might take a bit of practice, but sometimes seeing how it’s done can get you on the right track. So, without further ado, here are some easy tutorials that should help you get the look down pat in no time. Good luck!

1 Fast and Easy

You can bet that if a makeup look isn’t fast and easy, I probably won’t do it. If you’re the same way, this is the tutorial you need. The girl in the video does a fabulous job of showing you how to create a multitude of adorable freckles on your face without having to do each one separately. The technique is easy to do and her simple instructions make it a process you can complete in mere minutes.

2 Totally Realistic

If you have the time and want freckles that no one can claim are fake, you are going to love this video. Not only is the girl really adorable, but she makes it easy to fake a full face of freckles without anyone being the wiser. No matter where you try this technique, you are going to look super cute! If you have an eyeliner pencil, you can create this look with ease!

3 “No Makeup”

Want that natural look, but lack the freckles to go with it? No problem! The girl in this tutorial will show you how to combine the “no makeup” look with freckles that look real. Obviously, you are going to be wearing makeup, but the end result will look fresh and natural. You’re going to love it! Not only is it fast, but it’s also super easy!

4 Less than Two Minutes

This video proves that even if you only have two minutes, you can have adorable freckles any day of the week. You’ll learn how to use an eye pencil to dot on enough color to create faux freckles. It’s fast and easy and you are going to be impressed at how great your “freckles” look. Combined with a dash of pink blush, this look will definitely be something you do again and again.

5 For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you need this video. Not only does the girl teach you how to do makeup to mask the shine, but she combines that info with effective ways to make freckles that stay put on greasy skin. The end result is a totally natural glow that is only enhanced by the adorable faux freckles that top off the look. Love it!

6 Worthy of a Photoshoot

Planning on some selfies or getting your photos done? If you want some subtle, but adorable freckles, you can use the techniques in this tutorial to get exactly what you want. The look here is totally different from anything you’d do for everyday wear, but it is perfect for getting a photo that you actually want to share with the world. In addition to the fake freckles, you also get a full face of makeup done simply by following the steps in this video.

7 From a Real Girl

Yes, lots of the girls on YouTube are totally real, but this girl is so easy to identify with. She’s super cute and it feels like your best friend is the one teaching you to do fake freckles. She gives you easy tips and step by step directions for getting that adorable freckle face you want so bad. What could be better?

Do you ever fake freckles? How do you get the job done?

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