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7 Note-Worthy Makeup Trends That Still Haven't Died ...

By Heather

When it comes to makeup trends, there are some trends that are just not going to ever die. They are timeless makeup trends that seem to make their way back into style every single year. If you're wondering exactly what these trends are, you've got to take a look below! I've compiled the best trends for makeup out there that are timeless and beautiful!

1 Deep Red Lips

Deep Red LipsOne of the very best makeup trends that I've come across and that will always be timeless is the deep red lips. Red lips and a beautiful red pout can really make for a sexy style and is a super bold statement. I'm all about red lips – especially the orangish-red, that's my favorite! When you are trying to pull this look off, remember, you want to find a color that is going to suit you. So slip into a few different red lipsticks!

2 Thick Eyelashes

Thick EyelashesThick and super mega lashes is all the rage when it comes to the hottest trends in makeup. People want plush, bold and long eyelashes that really stand out. Diorshow by Dior is one of my favorite mascaras to get really thick eyelashes! Do you have a favorite mascara that you go-to all of the time? So if you wanna look like Twiggy, just swipe on a bit of thick mascara and you'll see just how beautiful it looks!

3 Winged Liner

Winged LinerI would have to say that winged, cat eyeliner is not going to ever go anywhere! This is one makeup trend that we are stick with and I'm actually pretty happy about that! I love how beautiful it looks on and it's super easy to pull off! Have you ever tried the winged liner look?

4 Glowing Bronze Skin

Glowing Bronze SkinBronzer is something that has been very in the last few years and I have got to say that this trend isn't going anywhere. Glowing, beautiful and bronzed up skin is pretty gorgeous and it isn't about to go out of style anytime soon. I never used bronzer until recently and I gotta tell you, I love it! This summer especially, glowing and bronzed up skin is going to be super popular!

5 Highlighting Cheekbones

Highlighting CheekbonesThere is another makeup trick that comes into play with bronzer and it is highlighting as well. Highlighting your cheekbones is a great way to really draw attention to them and to really light up your face. This is totally one of my favorite makeup tricks! Have you ever tried it?

6 Thick Eyeliner

Thick EyelinerThick, thick, thick eyeliner is another fantastic makeup trend that I totally love. The thicker the better! It's honestly one of those trends that isn't going anywhere girls, so thicken up your liner and really show just how beautiful your eyes can be!

7 Smoky Eyes

Smoky EyesFinally, smoky eyes! This is a classic trend that isn't ever going anywhere and that'll constantly be around. One of my favorite smoky eye colors is green or purple. Have you ever tried doing a smoky eye in those colors? It works beautifully and can really make your eyes stand out.

So girls, these are just a few of the top makeup trends that aren't going anywhere! Do you have anymore classic ones to show? Give 'em up in the comments below girls!

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