7 Note-Worthy Makeup Trends That Still Haven't Died ...

When it comes to makeup trends, there are some trends that are just not going to ever die. They are timeless makeup trends that seem to make their way back into style every single year. If you're wondering exactly what these trends are, you've got to take a look below! I've compiled the best trends for makeup out there that are timeless and beautiful!

1. Deep Red Lips

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One of the very best makeup trends that I've come across and that will always be timeless is the deep red lips. Red lips and a beautiful red pout can really make for a sexy style and is a super bold statement. I'm all about red lips – especially the orangish-red, that's my favorite! When you are trying to pull this look off, remember, you want to find a color that is going to suit you. So slip into a few different red lipsticks!

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