7 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Longer ...

By Lisa

7 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Longer ...

Are you interested in finding out some unique ways to make your makeup last longer? I love buying and trying out new beauty products but I also want them to last. If you’re a beauty on a budget or are just looking for ways to make your makeup last longer, I’ve got seven smart ways to do just that and get more out of your makeup and more for your money!

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1 Get the Scoop

Believe it or not, there are lots of easy ways to make your makeup last longer. One of my favorite tricks is to scoop out the last bits of lipstick from the tube. Use a cotton swab to scoop out the bottom of your tube or pot and you’ll likely get at least a couple more applications! This is great for those times you just didn’t have time to restock or the shade was discontinued!

2 Practice Portion Control

Just like we’re often told to practice portion control with our food, it’s also wise to follow that advice when it comes to beauty products! Read the label for instruction on how much to use and don’t be wasteful! If you don’t require that much more product, you’re just wasting the product and your money. Use products sparingly, as you can always go back and apply a little more if needed but you can’t put it back!

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3 Cut It out

If you have a lotion or any beauty product in a tube that you’re getting down to the bottom of, did you know you can cut the tube in half to get to the product that’s still stuck in the tube? I learned this trick from some ladies at work when I noticed her lotion was cut in half. You can do this with lotion or hair products. It’s a great way to save money and get the most out of your tube!

4 Use Primer

Another way to make makeup last longer on your face and in the container is to use a primer! Primers for the lips, eyes or face can make colors more vibrant and help the product stay on longer so you use less of your beauty products overall. Using a primer almost always makes the product look better so it’s a win-win situation!

5 Keep It Clean

We know that we can easily contaminate our beauty products and our faces with dirty makeup brushes or fingers. But we can also contaminate our beauty products by leaving them open and out in the heat or moisture. Try to make it a habit to close everything after you use it and put it back in its place, especially skin care products. We pay good money for these things so don’t let them go bad before their time!

6 Make New Makeup

If you’re getting down the very end of a certain beauty product, try making a new beauty product out of it! You can make a new shade of nail polish with eye shadow or make a new shade of lip color by heating up blush and petroleum jelly! The options are endless and how fun would it be to make your own beauty products?!

7 Revive Old Polish

If you have a favorite shade of nail color that you’re just not ready to give up on and toss, nail thinner is your new best friend! Adding a few drops of nail thinner to an old or hardened nail polish can breathe new life into it so you can continue using it! Think of all the money you’ll be saving just by recovering your old bottles of polish!

These are just a few ways of the many ways to make your makeup last longer. Although it’s always fun to buy new makeup, it’s always a good feeling to get to the very bottom of your beauty product, isn’t it?! Do you have any other ideas on making your makeup last longer? Please share your ideas with us!

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I did too but only one of the posts is...and that's to use primer.

Based on the title, I thought this was how to make it last longer on your face.

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