9 Promising Eye Makeup Commandments to Follow to the Tee ...


9 Promising Eye Makeup Commandments to Follow to the Tee ...
9 Promising Eye Makeup Commandments to Follow to the Tee ...

I am still reading Allure's Confessions of a Beauty Editor by Linda Wells, and I must say it has the best eye makeup commandments! I didn’t know a majority of these rules and they are totally changing the way I put on my makeup. I’ve gathered all the best advice for eye makeup and summed it all up here in this article. So if you want makeup changing advice for the best results, check out these eye makeup commandments.

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Prime the Lids with a Bit of Foundation or Translucent Powder

Don’t forget to prime your lids with a dab of foundation or loose translucent powder. Then dust the lightest shadow shade over the entire lid, from the lash line to the brow, to brighten the eyes. This will make your eye makeup last longer, which is why it's my number one of all the eye makeup commandments.


There is a Shade of Brown Eye Shadow That Works on Everyone

If you need some direction as to finding the best shade of brown for you, take a look at your eye color. If you have green eyes, consider yellow undertones such as the color khaki. For flattering those blue eyes, search for lighter browns with a slight golden or gray tint, such as sand or taupe. Those of you that with brown eyes should choose a dark, almost charcoal brown to avoid matching your eye color exactly.


Eyeliner and Shadow Should Go on before Mascara

Always apply liner before mascara. The pressure of your hand, especially while you’re concentrating so hard on drawing that perfect line, can cause the lashes to stick together or the mascara to smear.


Line Eyes with Pencil, in Small Strokes, to Keep from Making a Mess

I have very few days when I can get liquid eyeliner to look perfect so sometimes, pencil is just the best way to go. For the day time go for a think and precise look. For night, choose a chubby and smudged appearance.


Don’t Let Any Skin Show between Your Lashes and Your Liner

Make sure no skin shows between the line and the last roots. If this escapes you, forget about drawing a line, and instead wedge the point of the pencil right at the roots of the lashes, making tiny dots every few hairs.


Curling the Eyelashes Makes Eyes Look Bigger and Lashes Look Longer

With just a few squeezes, a curler can make our eyes look bigger and lashes look longer. Look for a high quality curler because it’ll last longer. Search for one matching the curve of your eyes that way you know you’re getting all your lashes.


Don’t Merely Comb Lashes, Jiggle the Mascara Brush at the Root of the Lashes

Always wedge the mascara brush right near the base of the lashes, and shake it back and forth. Not only will this make your lashes look voluminous, it’ll also double as eyeliner.


Get a Professional to Groom Your Brows at Least Once to Determine Their Best Shape

You know that little eyebrow studio you walk past at the mall and you look in and consider trying it, but instead walk away? Well it's time to make an appointment. You only need to do this once. A professional knows eyebrows and they can help you find the best look for your brows. After that, you can replicate the look at home.


All Brows Need to Be Filled in with a Little Pencil or Powder

Pencils are the easiest to use because they are portable and come in every color. For dark brows, use a shade lighter than your own; it’ll blend in the best. For those gals with pale brows, choose a shade darker. Apply by drawing on tiny, single hairs, not an unceasing line.

Are these commandments as good as promised? Like I said, they are changing the way I put on makeup. Will they change the way you put on yours?

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