7 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh for as Long as Possible ...


7 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh for as Long as Possible ...
7 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Fresh for as Long as Possible ...

The ways to keep your makeup fresh I’m going to talk about today are the perfect ones to try, in case you have a feeling you’re throwing out a great deal of barely used makeup and have absolutely no idea how to prevent it from happening. Now, keeping makeup fresh is hardly rocket science, of course, yet involves a bit of care too and these following tips are sure to be of some help. Take a look! They’ve helped me prolong the life of a lot of my products and will help you do the same.

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Keep Your Tools Clean

Dirty, improperly stored makeup brushes, sponges and applicators actually have stuff living on them! Dip a dirty brush into a new product and you’ve just turned it into a Petri dish thus contaminating your brand new product and significantly shortening its useful life. Having this in mind won’t only keep your skin healthy, it’s one of the ways to keep your makeup fresh as well and it will certainly help you get the most out of those baked and powder products that can start smelling funky in just a few months, or last well over a year, all depending on how clean they are being kept.



Refrigerating your face creams, liquid foundations, lipsticks, even eyeliners and mascaras will keep them fresh and fragrant for months to come! You may choose to do this in summer; limit yourself to only a few products you’re planning to set aside for some time or make an all-year-round habit out of it.


Store Carefully

Broken or lidless packages won’t only make your makeup collection look a messy, pitiful thing but affect its expiration date quite a bit as well. Your liquid products will dry faster, your lipsticks will start smelling bad very quickly and don’t even get me started on all those powders and baked products, and the mess they make if there’s nothing to seal them, as well as dirt and organisms that will settle in there. Recap a product after each use, store them neatly so they wouldn’t break and, in case damage does occur, repot a product and discard the broken package.


Don’t Keep Your Makeup in the Bathroom

Keeping makeup fresh has a lot to do with WHERE, not only HOW you’ll choose to store them. A lot of gals would choose a bathroom storage cabinet for their cosmetics, too, although bathrooms are anything but cool and dry. Think about it – too many airborne bacteria, too much heat, too much steam and moisture… Does it sound like an ideal place for your makeup? Certainly not!


Keep Your Fingers out

Sticking your finger into a jar is the most common way to apply facial cream or mousse foundation/blush. Most common, of course, doesn’t mean best, especially if you’re looking for a way to keep your makeup fresh longer. Use a clean plastic applicator (you can get these online) to scoop some product out instead and see how long it will stay good if you start using it that way.


Don’t Share Your Makeup

Sharing is caring… unless we’re talking about makeup, of course! Remember what mom used to say about trading clothes? Well, the same thing applies to makeup! Trust me, you don’t want half dozen people using or swatching stuff you’re putting on your eyes and face – it’s not about trading germs only but hey, now that I’ve mentioned it, I guess multiple users could only contribute to the problem and make your makeup go bad faster.


Depot when Possible

Depotting products with broken packaging sure is a great way to keep your makeup fresh! So great in fact that I tend to use it even if the package itself isn’t broken but simply too large for me to use up in good time. MAC pigments for example as well as other generously-sized products are more likely to go bad before you hit the bottom which is why I always tend to split them in half. Give it a try – as long as you keep the other half cool and sealed, you can go back to it even a year later and expect to find it as good as new.

But what about you, ladies? Have you found some other equally great way to keep your makeup fresh longer? Do tell.

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To keep your makeup LOOKING fresh all-day, mist your face with hair-spray! If your skin doesn't easily break out- its a dream cure!

Great article!

Great tips!

Wont the mascara dry up if you put it in the refrigerator?

thank you so much..taught me a lot.


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