7 Great Make up Tutorials for Skin with Acne ...


Makeup tutorials for acne prone skin are really making it easier for people with this skin condition to have clearer, better-looking skin on daily basis! You can go full coverage, opt for medium coverage or very light coverage yet still apply various makeup tricks for covering acne and scarring! Sounds impossible? Well, the creators of the videos I’m about to show you have all developed their own routines and are more than happy to show you how makeup for acne prone skin is done! Take a look!

1. Foundation Routine for Covering Cystic Acne and Scarring


Cassandra Bankson a.k.a The Gorgeous Girl, featured in this first video for makeup tutorials for acne prone skin, definitely has a miraculous foundation routine! Follow her lead, ladies, and you’ll have that great looking skin in no time! She should be an inspiration to us all and the very fact that she doesn’t let her acne problem get in the way of showing off her gorgeous features and personality really does speak for itself! Take a look, use her tricks and enjoy your great appearance every day, even if you happen to be fighting acne at the same time.

Winter Makeup for Acne Prone Skin
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