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7 Makeup Tips to Cover up a Hang-over ...

By Heather

We've all been there, where we need tips to cover up a hang-over so that we can function the next day. Whether it is getting drunk out with the girls or getting drunk at a work function without meaning to, you've got to know the right makeup tips that'll work to cover up that hang-over and make you look beautiful. The key to covering up a hang-over is making sure your face doesn't look puffy and that your makeup doesn't look smeary – remember that as you read all of my tips below girls!

1 Don't Cake on the Makeup

While your first instinct on covering up a hang-over might be to cake on all of the makeup, that isn't the case girls! Instead, you want to opt for makeup that is light and makeup that is heavy on the moisturizer (as you'll see below!). The reasoning behind that is because you don't want to make it seem like you are hiding something, instead you want your face to look natural.

2 Drink Lots of Water

When you get drunk, it actually takes a lot of the water out of your system, so you want to make sure that you are hydrating yourself (this will also help ensure that your hang-over goes away quicker!). Drinking tons and tons of water will make your face appear less puffy and will make you more alert – as well as hydrate you!

3 Heavy Moisturizer

Remember when I said heavy moisturizer? That's the way to go ladies! This tip to cover up a hang-over works great when you've been drinking all night and have dried your skin out completely. Just a few thin layers of your thickest and best moisturizer and you should be seeing your face return to normal!

4 Un-Puff Your Eyes

Oh, how puffy your eyes probably look the morning after right? You've got to un-puff your eyes girls if you are going to fool anyone that you aren't hung-over. Cucumber slices, some cold compresses and even a gel-pack from the freezer are all ways to hide that puffiness. Not to mention you can use a little bit of concealer as a makeup tip to hide your puffy eyes.

5 Oil-Based Products

When you are dealing with a hang-over, you want products that are going to be oil-based, so that they don't come off as easy as water-based products do. That heavy moisturizer that I stated up there? Use one that has a little bit of oil to it, that way it'll soak right into your skin!

6 Apply Color Corrector

Another makeup tip is to apply some color corrector under your eyes and really anywhere you see fit. Color correctors have saved me so many times in the past when people thought that I was out all night drinking. Just a little dab of yellow or green based color corrector and you'll see all of the wonders that it works!

7 Neutral Palette

Finally girls, the last makeup tip that we're going to talk about is the color scheme that you should go with. You don't want to do something that is too crazy, instead, go with a neutral palette and make sure that you keep it simple.

So girls, the next time that you are thinking about heading out for a night on the town, remember these tips to cover up a hang-over so that nobody knows you went out! These makeup tips have really worked for me, what other tips do you girls have? Share!

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