7 Tips on How to Apply Makeup Faster ...


I've always had a problem finding out how to apply makeup faster. I'm typically rushing around in the morning, with my eyes still half-closed and half of the time, I'm still asleep! Well, I've taken all of my top tips for applying makeup faster that I've learned throughout the years and compiled them into one list, one scoop that you can pick and choose from! So girls, you ready to learn how to apply makeup faster and how to really make sure that your makeup looks amazing?

1. Prep Skin in Shower

Why not save a step in your makeup process and prep your skin right in the shower? Truthfully, this has saved me more times than I can count! I'll exfoliate in the shower, cleanse and really make sure that every single bit of my skin is ready for the makeup. This is one of the best tips that I can pass on, on how to apply makeup faster.

Lay out Your Makeup the Night before
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