7 Harmful Ingredients in Mascara That You Should Avoid ...


Mascara is probably one of my favorite make-up products; however, I don’t love the harmful ingredients in mascara. Until recently, I never thought twice about putting on mascara. It makes my eyes look brighter and all of my features stand out more. Yet, when I discovered there are harmful ingredients in mascara, I became concerned. After all, no one wants to have harmful ingredients near their eyes. Avoiding the following ingredients in mascara will help you steer clear of anything harmful.

1. Coal Tar Dyes

Coal tar dyes are just some the harmful ingredients in mascara that you will want to avoid. These dyes contain heavy metals and are carcinogenic. Although you only put the mascara on your eyelashes, some of the harmful ingredients can still be absorbed into your bloodstream. To avoid coal tar dyes, look at the label for FD & C Blue no. 1. Also, you may find them listed as five digit number that is preceded by a Cl. While looking for these ingredients in the ingredient list may seem tedious, it will help you avoid these harmful dyes.

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