9 Vintage Makeup Ads That Will Make You Smile ...

While looking through the vintage makeup ads, I couldn’t help but smile at some of the looks that were considered flattering. Blue all-over eyeshadow, and pink frosted lips, make me cringe, while bright red rouge slapped on cheeks without any attempt at blending is downright scary. What I find very interesting is how all of the makeup and the tools that were used, have evolved into something as fabulous as what we have available today. These vintage makeup ads make me glad it’s 2014!

1. Magic Mascara

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I found this treasure among hundreds of vintage makeup ads. Revlon was actually the first company to use a spiral brush in their mascara tubes in 1958, followed shortly by Maybelline and everyone else. Prior to that, mascara in a tube came with a round rod with no spooley at the tip.

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