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How Can You Rock the Graphic Liner Trend Today?

By Jennifer

I've been dying to try the graphic liner trend, but even after watching every tutorial I could find, I'm still not sure how to incorporate the look into my regular makeup routine. Can we mere mortals war graphic liner, or is it just for the runway? Let's have a peek at Instagram to see how real-world women wear the trend. Ready for some inspo? Let's go!

1 Her Futiristic Look

Her Futiristic LookMaybe not right for the office, but so haute!

2 Lola Slays with Silver

Lola Slays with Silver

3 Her Graphic Wings

Her Graphic Wings

4 Her Silver Streak

Her Silver Streak

5 Jessica's Modified Cateye

Jessica's Modified Cateye

6 Tamara's Perfect Flick

Tamara's Perfect Flick

7 Alice's Gorgeous Yellow

Alice's Gorgeous Yellow

8 Jillian's Chanel-inspired Graphic Liner

Jillian's Chanel-inspired Graphic Liner

9 Marlee's Take on the Trend

Marlee's Take on the TrendMarlee's makeup is absolutely wearable!

10 Carly Anne's Double Wings

Carly Anne's Double Wings

11 Jillian's Plummy Purple

Jillian's Plummy Purple

12 Kimberly's Bright White

Kimberly's Bright White

13 Ruth's Bowie Tribute

Ruth's Bowie Tribute

14 Heather's Mermaid Makeup

Heather's Mermaid MakeupI love the colors!

15 Kandie's Bold Colors

Kandie's Bold Colors

16 Iwona's Smokey Graphic Look

Iwona's Smokey Graphic Look

17 Kendra's Scalloped Liner

Kendra's Scalloped LinerThis is so pretty!

18 Jenna's Summer Colors

Jenna's Summer Colors

19 Sanna's Bold Hues

Sanna's Bold Hues

20 Her Gorgeous Green

Her Gorgeous Green

23 Taylor's Bold Graphic Liner & Nude Lip

Taylor's Bold Graphic Liner & Nude Lip

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