Heres How You Can Pull off the Grunge Lipstick Trend ...

By Jennifer

Heres How You Can Pull off the Grunge Lipstick Trend ...

It's dark, it's moody, it's matte, and it might be a little smudged: it's the 90s grunge lippie trend. If you haven't already embraced (or at least tried) it, now's the time! It's a fun way to wear a color you might not otherwise be bold enough to try, and it looks really cool! Here are a few photos to give you some grunge lipstick inspo and ideas.

1 This 90s-inspired Hottie

2 Her Lippie Matches Her Hair!

3 She's Got the Look

4 Grunge Lipstick on Fleek

I love that she's wearing a 90s stretchy choker, too!

5 Can You Smile and Still Be "grunge"?

6 Grunge and Granny Hair

7 Grunge and Leather

8 Office-appropriate Grunge

9 Hi-gloss Grunge? Who Knew?

10 That Scowl Though

11 Grunge + Flannel = 90s Entire

12 Brown Lippie = Grunge Lippie

13 Courtney Love Would Approve

14 Grunge Lips and Spiked Beanie

15 Grunge Lips and Band Tee

16 Grunge & Gorgeous!

17 Vampy and Grunge

18 Grunge Lips and None of Your Nonsense

19 Grunge Lips and a Pink Pixie

20 A Withering Grunge

21 Grunge... or Goth?

22 Grunge with Glasses

23 Just a Little Edgy

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