Pale Girls' Guide to Truly Rocking the Bronzer ...

If you're like me, you've always thought that bronzer isn't for pale skin. It'll stand out too much against your pale skin tone and look far too obvious, right? Well, I've discovered that bronzer is for everyone, and that pale girls like me can wear it as well! Here's how to pull off bronzer when you're pale …

1. Pick the Right Shade, so You Don't Look like a Clown!

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The wrong shade of bronzer will look really obvious on a pale-skinned girl. What you need is one that's only a little darker than your skin, maybe one or two shades. You also need a bronzer with beige, pink or gold undertones rather than terracotta. Another good option is a bronzer that mixes several shades, as that can look very good on pale skin.

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