32 Incredible Ideas for Summer Makeup ...


48 Incredible Ideas for Summer Makeup…
Are you looking for some inspiration for summer makeup? It’s always fun to switch up the colors or your application techniques whenever a new season starts, just to make it fun and fresh. If you’re planning on going on a vacation or just want to try something new, check out some of these incredible ideas for summer makeup and start experimenting!

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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Via Face = Snatched
Summer makeup calls for bright, fun colors and I think this eye makeup look is just awesome. Using bright blue on the bottom lash line is bold and a great way to make your eyes pop.


Light Peach

Light Peach Via Barbie Mutation: Oh, spring! There ...
This is another eye makeup look, but it looks absolutely stunning with her blue eyes!


Wedding Look

Wedding Look Via Beautiful wedding makeup
Although this photo was used for wedding makeup, I think it's subtle enough to wear for other occasions as well.


Natural Looks

Natural Looks Via Pinterest
I am totally swooning over here! I love all four looks, they look like beach babes,


Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic Eyes Via latestwomenfashionn.com
I think this pretty look would look nice for a summer evening out.


Gilded Lids

Gilded Lids Via Wake Up Your Makeup: Gucci ...
This is a lot of look for a relaxing summer day, but if the eye shadow was toned down it would look great with the rest of the natural makeup.


Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire Via Women ・ Fashion
This bold look reminds me of fire! This is a daring combo of colors, but it works on her.


Electric Blue

Electric Blue Via makeupbox.tumblr.com
Love the electric blue eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line!


Fresh Faced

Fresh Faced Via Wake Up Your Makeup: Gucci ...
Now this I like! The first summer look by Gucci Westman looked more runway-friendly than anything else, but this look is soft and lovely.


Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract Via Wake Up Your Makeup: Gucci ...
This is the final look by Gucci Westman and I have to say I really like the pale blue eye shadow paired with the stained lip.


Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold Via Style tracker, Styhle - essential ...
I'm just drooling over this makeup. She's wearing a lot of black liner, but I love smokey eyes and the hint of gold is perfection!


Soft and Natural

Soft and Natural Via Hair inspiration
This model has very soft makeup that would look fabulous at the beach, pool or lunch with friends.


Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin Via How to Apply a Natural ...
Rosie's skin looks so dewy and flawless. I love the bronze on her cheeks and the understated lip.


Fuchsia Lips

Fuchsia Lips Via Wake Up Your Makeup: Gucci ...
Model Grace Mahary's bold lip and minimal makeup is perfect for work or play.


Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Via Wake Up Your Makeup: Gucci ...
We've seen a lot of blues on this list and although this isn't one of the more wearable looks. I love the cobalt blue on her skin tone, so gorgeous.


Cat Eye and Red Lip

Cat Eye and Red Lip Via socialbliss.com
Simple, classic and oh so chic.


Summer Wedding Inspo

Summer Wedding Inspo Via Get Jennifer Morrison's Beauty Look ...
The braid and makeup are perfect for a summer wedding!


Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful Via Holiday Look | Angela s.'s ...
Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel's got a sexy look that would be great for a night out.


Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine Via Gwen Stefani's Old Hollywood Glamour
Lupita Nyong'o is looking summer party-ready with her shimmery blue eye shadow and glossy lips.


Naturally Pretty

Naturally Pretty Via beautyhigh.com
Shanina Shaik 's sheer wash of color on the lips, cheeks and eyes are perfect for a summer day where you don't want a full face of makeup, but still want to look alluring.


Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess Via Hair&Beauty
Kate Hudson epitomizes summer hair and makeup all year long. This hot mama always has the perfect beach waves and flawless makeup.


Pink Lips

Pink Lips Via Gwen Stefani's Old Hollywood Glamour
I love the braided updo but the pink lips really makes an impression!


Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights Via Lip Stain: The Hot Summer ...
Another smoldering look for dinner, dancing and more!


Sunset Eyes

Sunset Eyes Via Summer Bright Eye Make Up ...
These colors are out of my makeup comfort zone because I always look sick with pinks and oranges, but it looks so pretty on the model!


Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow Eyes Via Fashionable!
A thin line consisting of multiple shades of eye shadow really stands out. The white eyeliner on the inner rim really brightens eyes.


Pretty Pinks

Pretty Pinks Via Gwen Stefani's Old Hollywood Glamour
Georgia May Jagger makes pink eye shadow look incredibly chic!



Sunset Via Idea Gallery Roundup: May 2013
A very pretty eye makeup look that's inspired by the sunset.


Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed Beauty Via 28 Photos of Tips and ...
Although this photo is a guide to applying bronzer, I really love the model's orange and blue eyes!


Doll Face

Doll Face Via Pages
Flawless! I love the color on her cheeks and lips.


Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed Beauty Via 28 Photos of Tips and ...
Very natural makeup and hair that's ideal for a music festival or theme park.


Teal and Coral

Teal and Coral Via Photography
What colors don't look good on Cara, right? The teal liner on the waterline and coral lips are to die for!


Pops of Pink

Pops of Pink Via 12 lovely summer makeup ideas
There's a whole lotta pink going on here, but I think it works. Jessica Alba looks so fresh and vibrant with hints of pink on the eyes, lips and cheeks!

What did you think of these summer makeup ideas? I'll admit, some of them are a little out there, but it's not about recreating the entire look. It's more about getting inspired and putting your own spin on it!

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How about no make up. it's summer, your make up is gonna melt off anyway XD



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