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Make-up and beauty products most definitely expire at some point. While much of it does last for several years, there comes a time when it’s past its prime and would be better off in the trash than on your face. However, it isn’t always easy to figure out when the time has come. In general, if the product changes texture or color, it’s time to toss it. Likewise, if it has a funky smell, you should get rid of it. In the meantime, here is the expected life span of many of your favorite beauty products.

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Powder Make-up

Powder Make-up Pretty much anything that is powdery falls into this category. That includes eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and pressed face powder. Generally, these are the items that will last the longest so don’t worry if they look like the quantity is far too much to use up before it goes bad. You can expect powdery make-up to last for around two years before it can become a problem.


Mascara and Liner

Mascara and Liner Eye make-up that is wet has the shortest life span. This is because it’s used near your eyes so the risk of an infection is far greater. When you have mascara or eyeliner that you use regularly, be sure you are replacing it every three months or so. Beyond that time frame, your chances of irritation or a flat out infection are higher. Write the date of purchase on the tube or pencil so you can keep track.


Liquids and Creams

Liquids and Creams Your liquid foundation and creamy blush and eyeshadow products last a surprisingly long time. So don’t worry about scrambling to use them up quickly. You have a full eight months before they belong in the garbage can. If you’re a person who only rarely uses these products, see if you can find them in tiny sizes so you aren’t wasting product or money.


Lip Color

Lip Color Lipstick is designed to last and it will continue to be good for about one year after you open it. Fortunately for most lipstick wearers, it’s gone long before the 12 month mark, right? If you notice water beads on your product, it’s probably time to get rid of it and choose something new. Some experts suggest keeping your tubes in the fridge to make them last longer. Lip gloss tends to last only about six months as opposed to a year for stick colors.


Nail Polish

Nail Polish Nail polish generally lasts for around one year, but may hang on for two years or more. Again, keeping it in the fridge is said to make it last longer. Using polish past its prime isn’t likely to hurt you, but it gets gloopy and globby and is hard to apply. That means messes, smudges and caked on polish that doesn’t look good. Isn’t it worth it to spend a few bucks and buy something new? I thinks so.



Concealer Concealer is a fabulous invention that has saved us all from a blemish nightmare, right? It is perfect for masking discoloration and acne. However, since you do use it on such things, it should be replaced every six months or so to prevent germs and bacteria from worsening breakouts or leading to new problems. Buy tiny tubes if you only use a dab now and then.



Cleanser A good facial cleanser is ideal for ensuring healthy and lovely skin. Most are good for about one year before they expire. The good news is that if you are washing your face every day like you are supposed to, the cleanser will be gone long before it goes bad.

Sunscreen, perfume and toners are other things that expire after about one year. Were you surprised to learn that your products aren’t timeless? Don’t worry – your fabulous good looks still are. Which products do you need to toss right now?

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Anything powder, pencils and lipstick can be sanitized. Making them last forever. If it smells off, or looks like a different color or formula then toss it. But other than every few months spray them with 3% isopropyl alcohol and its sanitized. Lipstick just wipe with isopropyl alcohol, and pencils, sharpen then gently wipe the tip. Other than that, most products have a little jar picture with a number and a m or y for months and years. But the general rule, especially since you are likely just using it on yourself, unless it smells bad or changed formula there's no need to get rid of it exactly at the date it expires. Except mascara. Cause that's a sticky breeding ground.

Oh, interesting, i just go by the 3 month rule for everything, plus usually by then I've bought a new one or something else to try

If your nail polish goes bad, you can always add a drop or two of nail polish remover to it.

What about spray perfume?

Sometimes you can salvage nail polish by thinning it with a few drops of nail polish remover, so it isn't hard or clumpy.

Also don't add nail polish remover to old nail polish. It'll ruin the formula and make it chip easier. Instead you can add paint refresher which you can buy at any hardware or paint Store. But it's pointless to put nail polish remover in it, it'll just ruin it quickly and literally remove the Polish as you put it on.

I thought nail polish was good for three years? :/ an article on here forever ago said that. Ugh I don't know anymore..

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