7 Lip Colors That Are in This Season ...

Lip colors are extremely versatile and can even transfer from season to season, but there’s some select shades of lip colors that are in this season that have especially caught my eye. It’s amazing how quickly a certain shade can transform your entire look and brighten up your face. It’s important to keep in mind that not every shade looks great on every skin tone, so use this article as a guide and hopefully you'll find just the right shade to achieve the perfect pout! Here’s my list of lip colors that are in this season:

1. Lilac Lips

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Lilac is most definitely one of the most buzzed about lip colors that are in this season. Celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna have been sporting the trend, and at the awesome price point that this Maybelline color is sold at, you can too! This lip color looks incredible with so many different skin tones and will definitely stand out (in a good way!).

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