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You shouldn't be scared to wear dark lipstick. Sure, there's always the possibility of it smudging or looking out of place with the rest of your appearance, but that won't happen as long as you know what you're doing. If you're smart about the application process, then you won't have anything to worry about. So if you've been thinking about trying on a darker color than you're used to wearing, here are a few tips for looking beautiful with dark lips:

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Wear a Dark Outfit to Match It

It wouldn't make any sense to wear a burgundy lip color with a light pink, flowery dress. It just doesn't match. When you put on dark lipstick, make sure you have an outfit that won't clash. It's almost autumn, which means you can put on a dark sweater dress that'll look like it was made to be worn alongside your lip color.


Apply the Color with a Lip Brush

When you apply light lipsticks, it's easy to fix your mistakes. However, when you're putting on a dark color, you don't want to get it in the wrong spot, because it will be hard to remove. That's why you should use a lip brush to apply the color instead of using your actual lipstick. That way, you can be more precise.


Use a Lip Liner

Lip liners aren't a thing of the past. You can, and should, still use them when you're planning on applying a dark lip color. That way, you'll prevent the lipstick from getting into areas it shouldn't reach. Plus, dark colors can make your lips look smaller, so you can use lip liner to overdraw your lips to make them look full again.


Don't Wear Heavy Eye Makeup

If you're going to wear dark lips, they should be the focal point of your face. You don't want too much going on at once, which is why you should avoid dramatic smokey eyes. Keep your shadows light and simple.


Use Mattes, Not Glosses

When your buy dark lipstick shades, you should invest in mattes instead of glosses. Mattes aren't nearly as messy as glosses are, and they're more durable, which means that your color should stay on for the majority of the day. If you wore a gloss, then that would never happen.


Wear a Hint of Blush

You need to be careful with your blush when you have on a dark lip color. You don't want to wear too much of it, because it will make your face look busy. But you don't want to skip the blush either. You need to add just a hint of it, so your face doesn't look washed out


Apply Chapstick

It's always important to make sure your lips are soft before you apply your lipstick. However, it's extra important when you're wearing a dark lip color, because those dark colors will make flakes more visible. Unless you want your chapped lips to ruin your entire makeup look, you should apply Chapstick as soon as you wake up in the morning to avoid any issues.

It's time to be brave and slap on that bold lipstick shade you love. Believe me, you can pull it off! What's your favorite shade of lipstick to wear during the fall season?

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