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The Correct Order to Apply Makeup for Girls Who Want to do It Right ...

By Alicia

Sometimes it can be confusing to know which order your makeup should go on. There’s a lot of room for personal preference here. After all, you need to do what works best for your makeup routine. But if there’s an area that you’ve been confused about, consider this advice.

1 Primer First

hair, eyebrow, face, person, black hair,First and foremost, you want to apply your primer. That’s an easy, commonsense first step. Primer has to do its job before anything else can go on. Primer helps your makeup to have a better finish and have staying power, something we all want from our makeup. It’s a makeup product that can save you from multiple touch-ups later on in your day.

2 Apply Your Foundation

hair, face, eyebrow, clothing, nose,After you’ve allowed your primer a couple moments to set, apply your foundation. Foundation is exactly what it says it is, the foundation for the rest of your makeup to rest on. It’s important to take your time and apply your foundation carefully. How it looks is going to affect how the rest of your makeup looks. If you’re like most women, certain parts of your face will probably need more coverage than others.

3 Conceal Spots and Dots

color, hair, face, blue, black hair,If you have spots, dots or under eye circles then this is the time to cover them. Some women apply concealer under their foundation but that generally doesn’t work out well. When you do that, you’re likely to rub it off when you’re applying foundation. I’ve always found that it works best to apply concealer after foundation with a gentle touch or a concealer brush. It can be completely blended in without being blended away.

4 Blush Some Color onto Your Sweet Cheeks

human action, face, hair, person, black hair,Next comes blush. By now, your skin is prepped and ready to receive whatever your favorite shade of blush is. Your makeup should be set enough to receive another product at this point but still at a wonderful, workable point for blending. The best blush looks are blended carefully so this is the perfect time to apply it. You can choose to apply finishing powder both now and later or just wait a few minutes longer to take care of it all at one time.

5 Bring Some Drama in with Eye Makeup

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow,Perhaps the most fun part of your makeup is your eyes. Most of us love to find ways to bring attention to our eyes. You can do this through an eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. Eye makeup is fun! It can take a bit more time to apply than other makeup products but it’s worth the effort.

6 Finishing Powder Sets Your Makeup

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond,After your eye makeup is the perfect time for finishing powder. It sets your makeup and whisks away any eyeshadow fallout. Using powder after applying your eye makeup is essential to a beautifully finished face. If you feel the need for it after applying blush and then again now, that’s fine, too. That’s usually the option I choose.

7 Lipstick is the Lovely Last Touch

human action, face, hair, cheek, nose,Lastly, bring some color and warmth into your face with your favorite lipstick. It’s always best to apply your lipstick last. If you’ve tried it another way then you’ve probably found that it doesn’t work out very well. Your arm or makeup brushes end up smudging it. Letting it be the last product applied works out best.

These are some tips about the best order of makeup application. Do you need to make some tweaks in your application order? I’d love to hear from you!

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