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7 Fool-Proof Tips for Girls with the Thinnest Eyelashes ...

By Alison

If only we were all blessed with naturally thick lashes! Long lashes frame your eyes and draw attention to them, so it's a look we all want. If you weren't lucky enough to get long, thick lashes, you need to fake it. But how do you avoid the dreaded spidery lashes? Try these foolproof ways to make your lashes luscious …

1 Look after Your Lashes

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, nose, Are you guilty of sometimes forgetting to remove your mascara or eye makeup at night? Yes, me too. This isn't good for the health of your lashes though. Always remove your eye makeup so that your lashes can rest without product on them. You should also be very gentle when removing your eye makeup, as the skin is very thin there and your lashes can easily come loose if you're too rough.

2 Nourish Them

hair, black hair, face, clothing, photography, Just like your hair, your eyelashes are made of protein, so to have healthy lashes you need to nourish them well. If you're eating a poor diet, or not eating enough protein, your hair and lashes will be in poorer condition. Make sure your diet includes enough protein, and also eat plenty of fruit.

3 Eyelash Conditioner - It's Not Just Your Hair That Needs a Boost!

face, eyebrow, hair, nose, eye, We're well accustomed to applying conditioner to our hair, but never give any thought to giving our lashes the same boost! You can buy eyelash serums designed to feed and strengthen your lashes. They'll not only help your lashes grow, but also stop them falling out so easily. However, they tend to be expensive.

4 Home Remedies

eyebrow, face, black, eye, eyelash, If eyelash serums are a bit expensive for your liking, there are some simple home remedies that you can try. Many women swear by Vaseline for making their lashes thicker. Another home remedy you can try is a mixture of olive oil and caster oil, or simply olive oil on its own. All of these would be better applied at night if you wear makeup during the day.

5 Use Your Eyeliner to Fake It

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, eyelash, Now for some makeup tricks to boost your lashes. Believe it or not, your eyeliner is part of your lash-boosting regime. If you apply a liner that's just a bit darker than your lashes, it will make your lashes look fuller. This is because it gives the impression of your lashes being thicker at the roots. You need to apply it right under the lashes.

6 Curlers Can Be Cute

hair, human hair color, eyebrow, face, black hair, If you don't yet own a pair of eyelash curlers, you should invest in a good pair (cheap ones may damage your lashes). It may look like a medieval torture device, but this little gadget is a must in your quest for thick lashes. Curling your lashes will open up your eyes and give your lashes a much-needed boost.

7 Multi Mascaras Make Mighty Lashes

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, black hair, Have you ever thought of layering up your lashes? Using two mascaras will give the impression of lovely thick lashes. The first layer should be a thickening mascara, followed by a mascara with a slim wand. These two different types will work in different ways to build up your lashes.

Follow these steps, and your lashes will turn from sparse to abundant; you'll be delighted with how lush they look! You won't need to resort to false lashes!

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