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7 Makeup Hacks for Girls Dealing with Acne Prone Skin ...

By Eliza

Trying to cover up acne can be much harder than it appears. If you have a breakout, it makes sense that some foundation and blush should mask the issue, right? That’s not always true. At the same time, some makeup is only going to make the problem worse than it already is. Never fear! If you have acne prone skin, you need these tips for a flawless application each and every time. And you can choose the right products from here on out. Here you go!

1 Buy Cosmetics That Are Labeled as Non-Comodogenic

hair, eyebrow, face, black hair, nose,That term means the makeup won’t clog pores and cause breakouts. If you make the switch to such products, you cut down on the risk of pimples. Why? Because clogged pores are one of the biggest causes of zits. Choosing non-comodogenic makeup products is your first step in helping your skin clear up and keep breakouts under wraps too.

2 Start with Primer All over Your Face

face, eyebrow, hair, person, nose,Here’s what I love about primer – it totally keeps my makeup in place all day long. It works by adhering your cosmetics to your face so that they don’t fade. Primer also helps smooth your skin, giving you a clean slate for your cosmetics, making it easy to cover your breakouts. All you have to do is spread it over your face before your makeup. Easy, right?


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3 Make Sure Your Makeup Sponges and Brushes Are Clean

brush, hand, eye, cosmetics, tool,If you notice your skin breaking out more than normal, it might be time to wash your brushes and tools. The more you use them, the more product, skin cells and other gunk that builds up on them. Each time you use your tools, you leave behind some of that icky junk on your face. That means breakouts. Give them a good wash with mild soap and warm water on a regular basis.

4 Ge Gentle when You Apply Your Makeup

face, hair, black hair, person, nose,Experts recommend using light, short strokes when you apply your cosmetics because this keeps you from pressing and pulling on your skin. Too much pressure irritates your face, which can lead to pimples. Practice using a lighter hand and you might notice that your acne clears up pretty quickly.

5 Choose Mattifying Products, Not Illuminating Ones

hair, face, black hair, nose, hairstyle,Highlighters are great for your eyebrows or your cheekbones because they create definition. However, avoid swiping them over your breakouts because it will only draw more attention to the issue. If you put a shiny product on a zit, it’s going to look even more obvious. On the other hand, mattifying products have the opposite effect by making the blemish blend in.

6 Choose Water-Based Makeup Products

hair, face, clothing, black hair, hat,Acne experts say that the first thing you should do when shopping for makeup is to read the ingredients list. The first item should be water. These products tend to be less irritating and gentler on acne prone skin. Creamy blushes, eyeshadows and foundations are easy to find and are way better on skin that tends to breakout. You are going to love how much better your skin looks.

7 Use anti-Redness Products to Combat Acne

hair, human hair color, face, blond, eyebrow,Breakouts tend to look red and inflamed. Look for makeup that is designed to alleviate redness and it should help you mask your acne. Experts caution against using too much because it can make the issue worse by irritating it. Use just a dab for your whole face and watch that acne disappear – at least temporarily.

Do you have acne prone skin? Will any of these tips help you? Do you have any others to add?

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