Makeup 101 5 Helpful Eyeliner and Mascara Tips ...

By Vanessa

Makeup 101 5 Helpful Eyeliner and Mascara Tips ...

Nina Leykind, creative director and founder of makeup brand 'Eyeko' recently revealed her eyeliner and mascara secrets to ELLE for perfect eyes, every time! Here's some of what she had to say:

1 Want the Doe-eyed Look?

"For a wide-eyed, youthful look, use a pale pink-toned eyeliner to perk up your waterline," said Nina. "This will subtly create the illusion of bigger eyes far better than white or beige. Dot and blend along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye for a further brightening effect." Note to self: buy some pale pink-toned eyeliner.

2 Cat Eye Liner, Simplified

If you're a cat eye beginner (like me), it's easier to just play connect-the-dots to achieve your look. "Starting midway along your lid, draw dots close to your lash line. Then simply join them together to create the perfect cat eye," she shared. "Looking straight into the mirror, mark where you want the end of your flick to sit—that way, you can judge the symmetry to create perfectly even wings. Use a Q-tip to create a finer flick and clean up any mistakes."

3 Mascara: It's a Team Effort

Who knew that for the ultimate lashes, you need more than just one mascara? "Call it mascara wardrobing or cocktailing, but it’s the only way to create a bespoke lash look. Believe it or not, one mascara doesn’t do it all—and any make-up artist will tell you that using two or three different mascaras makes all the difference to your look."

4 They're Not All the Same

Just because mascaras all look the same, that doesn't mean that they are! Nina noted, "be sure to buy one with a carbon black finish for extra definition and an intense sooty stare—perfect for after dark!"

5 Size Matters

Yup, when it comes to mascara, size really does matter. "Different mascara wands do different things. Skinny brushes are ideal for shorter lashes as you can get right into the roots, allowing for a better grip to not only lengthen lashes, but to get even root to tip coverage as well. Curved wands—especially ones with nylon bristles—act as Velcro curlers to lift and curl your lashes. This is great if you have straight lashes or are irritated by your lashes hitting your glasses. If you have a medium length lashes, then any brush size will work for you—especially a bigger, bolder brush to give volume to your flutter."

Do you know any other eyeliner/mascara tips?

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