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7 Steps to Putting on Fake Lashes like a Pro ...

By Jackie

Have you ever held a box of fake lashes in your hand and wished that there were steps to putting on fake lashes printed right on the box to help you out? Well, you’re not alone anymore. I’m going to show you the steps to putting on fake lashes like a pro, from a pro.

1 Select Your Lashes

One of the most important steps to putting on fake lashes is to find the right ones for your eyes. If you have a very small eye then choosing gigantic, drag queen blinkers is not for you. Look for something that fits the event you're wearing your lashes to, whether it’s because you’re going to a wedding or because you just feel like it.

2 Cut Your Fake Lashes

Hold your fake lash up to your eye to see about how much fake lash you’ll need to trim off. If the lash fits comfortably on your eyelid then no trimming is necessary. However, if you don’t naturally have huge eyes, most likely you’ll need to cut the inside of each lash to fit on your eyelid. Use clean scissors and trim three to five lash plugs off for an easier and better fit.

3 Holding Your Lashes

This is a big deal. Holding your fake lashes will make or break how you apply your lashes. Hold the strip lash in the middle of the lash. When you apply them to your eyelid you’ll have better control of placement. Do not hold your lash strip on either side. They’ll twist and turn and flip and it’s most likely been an issue in how hard applying lashes has been for you.

4 Applying Glue

I prefer the brand Duo in black as my lash glue. You can find it in almost any drugstore and online. I prefer the black glue because it dries black and blends into the lashes once it’s dried. Hold your fake lashes in the middle and gently squeeze the tube. It will squirt everywhere if you squeeze it too hard. You barely need to use any pressure at all for it to come out. Line the edge of the lash with glue and fan it so that the glue can become tacky before sticking in on your eyelid.

5 Applying the Lash

Here’s the big moment. Holding your strip lash in the middle of the lash, apply it to the middle of your eyelid. Press down the outer corner of the lash first, aiming for the groove in between your real lashes and your lid. Once that’s down, press down lightly on the inner corner of your strip lash until it has placed.

6 Letting It Dry

As the lash is drying, check to make sure that the edge of the lash is adhering to your eyelid. The inner corners tend to come up easily when they’re first drying so keep pressing down on your lash and fanning them with your hands to let them dry.

7 Apply Mascara

The best thing about fake lashes is that you don’t need to apply very much mascara. Once your fake lashes are dried and ready to go, add a little black mascara to your lashes so that your real lashes and fake ones blend in seamlessly. You can also add mascara to your fake lashes to make them even more dramatic!

I know it can be tough learning how to put on fake lashes. But with a little patience, you’ll get in the groove of it in no time. Fake lashes are so much fun and look beautiful for any event. Do you have some tips for how to put fake lashes on? Leave a comment and let us know!

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