Makeup Basics for Girls Learning How to Wear Correctly ...


Makeup Basics for Girls Learning How to Wear Correctly ...
Makeup Basics for Girls Learning How to Wear Correctly ...

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about learning to wear makeup, no worries! You can easily learn to wear it correctly. In no time at all, you’ll have the confidence to wear your new look anywhere. These simple little tips are all the help you need.

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Remember Eyebrows Are the Frame to the Face

This’s a very important point to remember. Your eyebrows are the frame for your whole face. If you neglect them, your whole face can look a little off. Some women need more work than others when it comes to eyebrows. Usually blondes and women with thin eyebrows need to do more work in this area. There’re many options you can choose when it comes to shaping your eyebrows. I prefer to fill mine in with pencil but you can always go for powder, liquid or wax formulas.


Start with a Small Collection then Build Bigger

When you’re just beginning to wear makeup, start small and build from there. There’s no need to spend a lot of money at first. You aren’t sure what you like or what feels flattering to you. Start with a few products such as concealer, powder, mascara and lip gloss and then build from there. You don’t want to invest in products that’re going to feel too advanced to handle at first.


Don’t Panic if There’s a Small Mistake

Here’s a little secret, girls. We all make mistakes when doing our makeup, even when we’ve been doing it for years! So don’t panic if you see your mascara going off a tiny bit or your concealer doesn’t completely cover a blemish. There’s a simple fix for almost any makeup mistake. For example, you can always dab mascara bobbles off with a q-tip or add a bit more concealer.


Go for a Buildable Look

Most makeup is very buildable. Start with a small amount and then build up. This works with foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and every other makeup. Take your time and take a step back every few minutes to gauge how your look is progressing. This strategy allows you to get your look just right.


Notice the Mistakes from Others

The more you wear makeup, the more you’re going to notice makeup looks you don’t like on others. It may be your personal preference or it could be true makeup mistakes. It’s good to observe how others do their makeup to help yourself be aware of what to avoid. No one wants their foundation to look like a mask or their eye shadow to look harshly unblended. You can also observe what beautiful, flawless makeup looks like on others, as well.


Don’t Neglect Cleanup Duty

There’s usually a some cleanup involved every time you wear makeup. Don’t be discouraged by a little fall out. Expect to always need to give your makeup a final look before you head out the door. Most cleanup can easily be done with a swipe of powder or a final blending. This little step is one of the most important in the whole process.


Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

When it comes to makeup, we’ve each got our own unique style. Don’t try to deny yours! Let yourself experiment and don’t give in to fear. Whether it’s a bold lip or false lashes, give it a try. It’s only makeup; you can always try a different look tomorrow.

These’re some tips to makeup basics. What types of makeup seems confusing to you? I’d love to hear from you!

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@Giir When I first started, I used Maybelline's liquid eyeliner. I love Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner (swear by it, even though it can dry out faster than felt tip). It IS expensive though ($20-22?), so try Physician Formula's Eye Booster liquid liner ($7?).

I use cream liner which I love, but I want a sharper wing. I know liquid liner will do the trick but I can't decide what liner to purchase and how to make THAT wing sharp.

@Giir correct! Don't pull your eyelid taut because your line can become bumpy. I use liquid eyeliner to avoid pulling taught. It's great, like a thin paintbrush that's easy to control. I HIGHLY recommend brush tips because they're more flexible than felt.

Also, I heard you're not supposed to pull your eye taut when lining your eyes but I don't know how to apply liner without doing this. Tips?

I use gel eyeliner and to make my wing sharper I use my nail to kinda "pull" some colour up towards my eyebrow so that the wing has a stronger point

Nyx doesnt test on animals either 👌🏻

Thanks everyone!

Use elf they don't test on animals

@Giir I draw my wing outline first, like a leaning triangle, on the edge of my eyelid. Then I color it in and draw in the line on top of my eyelid to make it all even. Good luck and have fun! :)

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