7 Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes ...

By Heather

7 Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes ...

Finding the right makeup colors for hazel eyes isn't easy! Hazel eyes are so unique, so different and so pretty, it's hard to figure out exactly what colors go with these unique and different eyes! Well girls, I've got the top makeup colors for hazel eyes that will bring out the greens and grays that you have, while still keeping that refreshing brown and blue! So ladies, you ready to see what makeup colors for hazel eyes are out there?

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1 Gold

Did you know that gold actually looks amazing with hazel eyes? This is definitely one of the top makeup colors for hazel eyes because not only does it bring out the flecks of brown, but it'll also bring out the flecks of green! Try just a swipe of gold dust on your lids ladies and you'll see a huge difference!

2 Mauve Pink

Pink is another makeup color for hazel eyes that looks amazing! Mauve pink though actually brings out all of the different greens that you have in your eyes! Just a few little swipes and an outline of pink around your eyes and ladies, you'll see just how beautiful hazel eyes can be!

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3 Plum

I actually have green eyes and plums really brings out the green in my eyes – so of course, plum colors are some of the top makeup colors for hazel eyes because they look great with all colors! Give a try with some plum eyeliner and see what a difference it makes to your hazel eyes!

4 Olive Green

If you are looking for your eyes to be a little more goldish brown, olive green is the perfect makeup color for hazel eyes that will help bring out the natural browns you have in your eyes! Give it a try ladies!

5 Violet

Violet is a color that looks good with brown eyes, green and even blue eyes – and guess what? With hazel eyes, you have a mixture of all of those colors! Looking to bring out the real beauty of your eyes? Give a try to violet eyeliner or even violet eyeshadow!

6 Gray

Are you looking to bring out the beautiful blue in your hazel eyes? Gray can do it! Just a little gray eyeshadow or even a little gray eyeliner can really change the entire color of your eyes!

7 Dark Blue

Finally, the last makeup color for hazel eyes that we're going to talk about is dark blue. Dark blue eyeliner is a great addition to any and all makeup bags because it will bring out those blues and those deep grays in your eyes. Just try it!

There you have it all of you hazel-eyed girls! These makeup color for hazel eyes can work with any of the colors mixed right into your hazel eyes and really make them stand out! So girls, what makeup colors for hazel eyes do you like best?

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Updated on 5/22/2023

Hazel eyes are a unique eye color that can be difficult to enhance with makeup. The mixture of brown, green, and gold tones can be tricky to work with, but with the right colors, you can really make your hazel eyes pop.

Dark blue is a great choice for hazel eyes, as it can bring out the blues and grays in the eyes. The dark blue hue will help the other colors in the eye stand out. To achieve the best look, try using a dark blue eyeliner and pair it with a neutral eye shadow. A light brown shadow will help to bring out the gold tones in the eye, while a dark brown will bring out the brown tones.

Another great option for hazel eyes is purple. Purple is a great color to use if you want to bring out the green tones in your eyes. A light purple or lavender eye shadow will really bring out the green in your eyes, and a purple eyeliner will add a nice pop of color.

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I have tried these colors and they all work very beautifully.

I may have brown eyes but I loved looking through this! <3 Do you think you know how to make your eyes match your dress? I know some people's eyes change with whatever they're wearing or make-up they're wearing, is that similar to this article? Is there any way a person could do that?

I use a gold from the inside corner to the middle of my lid then from the middle to the outer edge a use a blue...on the bottom lid I also do this. Black mascara it's gorgeous!

My hair (strawberry blonde) and eyes (amberish-hazel) match, so I usually put some baby pink on my lids and some pearly white in my inner corners, and use brownish black mascara to make my eyes stand out... They also make my eyes look more amber than hazel!

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