8 Makeup Tricks for Brunettes ...


8 Makeup Tricks for Brunettes ...
8 Makeup Tricks for Brunettes ...

When you are looking for makeup tips for brunettes, you've got to take what shade of brunette you are into account! If you have deep and dark brown hair, your makeup should be bright and bold! Red lips for example are a great way to really brighten up your face and to offset some of those dark strands!

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Having brown hair can really make your features stand out, especially if you have pale skin. Well ladies, your lips can also stand out! Go for the bright pinks, the bright reds and the bright plums! Your lips are one of your best accents right? Why not show it off! In the summer for me, I always love to do it up right with some tinted chapstick, as it's lighter and beautiful!


Chocolate Browns: Copper & Honey

If you have chocolate brown hair, you definitely want to switch it up and go with copper and honey tones for your eyes. Trust me, this makeup tip for brunettes totally works and looks fantastic! Also, gold tones go great with this color of hair too! Try to mix it up a little! For example, you could do some copper lips with some honey tones along your eyes. Really play with it and see what happens!


For brunettes with chocolate brown hair, adding copper and honey tones to the eyes can be a great way to enhance their look and create a stunning new style. Adding gold tones to the eyes can also be a great way to complete the look. To really make it stand out, try adding copper lips with honey tones along the eyes. This combination of warm tones will create a beautiful contrast with the chocolate brown hair. Additionally, applying a highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes can help to draw attention to the eyes and make them stand out even more.


Caramel Brown: Bold Makeup

Now for all of you caramel brown haired girls, it's all about the bold makeup for you! You can pull off bold and brilliant eyes and vibrant lips, you've just got to find the shade that matches your skin tone! I also love dark brown eyeliner with this color hair, it really brings it out and makes the highlights beautiful! Try it girls.


Take Your Skin Tone into Account

As with any makeup tips for brunettes, you always want to make sure that you are taking your skin tone into account. That means that if you are super fair, you've got to make sure that your makeup will look good with fair skin. If you are darker skinned, take that into account. For me, I'm wicked pale, so of course I need to be careful with the colors that I choose -- that way I don't drain myself out or make the colors too bold!


Eye Color

Another thing that you're going to want to take into account is your eye color. You always want to choose colors that go great with your eyes, skin and your hair color. For example, plums look great with brown hair and green eyes! If you have blue eyes, you may want to go with some lighter colors to really make your eyes pop! It all depends on exactly what you're trying to bring out!


Plum Colors

That brings us to the plum color! I actually have green eyes and violet or plum eyeliner is a great way to draw out the green in your eyes, but plum colors also look great with brown hair! It highlights your hair beautifully and draws out the brown! Plum is also a great eyeshadow that you can try girls, just play around with the colors and see what works best!


Navy Colors

Another color that looks great on brunettes is navy! Navy eyeliner or even navy eyeshadow is a great way to bring out the brown in your hair and will look great with any eye color! This makeup tip for brunettes is ideal for any brunette! You can also try some brown liner, I know that looks good with green eyes, but with brown hair it can bring out the highlights!


Navy is a great color for brunettes to wear as makeup because it complements the brown in their hair. Not only is navy eyeliner and eyeshadow a great option, but brown liner can also be used to bring out the highlights in their hair. For those with green eyes, brown liner can be especially flattering. Additionally, a bronzer blush can be used to give brunettes a sun-kissed glow. To finish the look, a light brown or taupe eyeshadow can be used to give the eyes depth and dimension. With these makeup tricks, brunettes can look their best!


Blush It up

Finally, don't forget about your blush ladies! Us brunette girls should be adding a small bit of blush to the apples of our cheeks to really give our face a warm and beautiful glow! Try it ladies! For me, I have deep, dark brown hair and I use a lighter blush, because it goes with my cheeks and just really allows my face to glow. Remember your skin tone here too ladies, after all, you don't want to choose something too dark!

There you have it, my top 8 makeup tips for brunettes that will bring out the beautiful brown in your hair! So girls, what other makeup tips for brunettes do you use? Give 'em up! I have deep, dark brown hair and I'm dying to know what tips and tricks you guys use!

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