10 Amazing Blue Eye Makeup Tips ...

By Heather

Do you have blue eyes that you are looking for blue eye makeup tips for? Well ladies, I've got all of the blue eye makeup tips to really make your eyes pop and bring out all of the blue hues you have! Blue eyes are super versatile and you can really wear any type of eyeshadow, but ladies, if you're looking to really make your blues pop, I've got the blue eye makeup tips for you!

1 Gold Eyeshadow

The very first blue eye makeup tip we're going to talk about is blue eyes with gold eyeshadow! This combination really will make your blue eyes pop and really make them look beautiful! Try it ladies! My favorite eyeshadow is Mac, what's yours?

2 Orange Eyeshadow

Blue eyes typically look beautiful in any and all eyeshadows, but warm colors really bring out each and every shade of blue. Orange is one of those colors. Orange eyeshadow with blue eyes really will make them look beautiful! Try this blue eye makeup tip ladies and let me know just how beautiful your eyes look!

3 Copper Eyeshadow

Remember the warm shades? Well, copper is one of them! This metallic mix of brown and orange really makes a great contrast with any shade of blue in your eyes and can really bring out your baby blues. I love blue and copper together, it's so unique and different!

4 Brown Eyeshadow

Brown eyeshadow is the last one we're going to talk about and it's so worth it! Brown with blue can really make your eyes glow a bit and truly bring out all of the blueness in them. Personally, I like light brown with deep dark blue, but that's just me!

5 Dark Blue Eyeliner

Another makeup tip for blue eyes that we're going to talk about is ditching the black for a while and going with navy blue eyeliner. Not only will this bring out the blue, but really, if you have light blue, dark blue, blue green or even gray eyes, navy blue eyeliner will really highlight your eyes!

6 Sparkly

When you have blue eyes, one of the biggest and best makeup tips for blue eyes that you can follow is sparkles! Sparkly eyeshadow is a great way to make your eyes pop! Whether it is to make your eyes sparkle and shine for a night out on the town or if you are just trying to spice up your look at work!

7 Know Your Shade

When you are looking for any and all makeup tips for blue eyes, one thing to keep in mind is the color of your eyes. You have to think about the shade of blue that you have and what other colors are in there. I've seen all kinds of different color blue eyes, from deep dark blue all the way to light, light blue!

8 Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow is another makeup tip for blue eyes that can really bring the blue out! Whether it is silver, copper or even just metallic blue, make sure you shimmer and shine your eyeshadow on up! Trust me on this one ladies!

9 Avoid Same Blue Undertones

Just because you have blue eyes, doesn't mean that you want to add in the same exact shade of eyeliner and eyeshadow. In fact, breaking up the eyeshadow color away from the blueness of your eyes will really make them pop and stand out!

10 Brown Mascara

Remember all of the makeup tips for blue eyes surrounding warm tones? Brown mascara is part of that! So ladies, switch out that black mascara for brown once in a while and see how much of a difference it makes!

There you have it ladies, my top 10 makeup tips for blue eyes! Just remember, warm tones go really well with blue eyes and try to switch out black for brown. What other makeup tips for blue eyes do you ladies have? Any I missed?

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