8 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Makeup Look ...


8 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Makeup Look ...
8 Ways to Get the Perfect Summer Makeup Look ...

Summer is almost here ladies and it's time to find the perfect summer makeup look that will withstand the heat and look great on the beach! Below, I've got all sorts of tips on how to achieve the perfect summer makeup look. So ladies, get out your primer, lighten up your moisturizer and let's get ready to make the perfect summer makeup look below!

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Skin Primer

Skin Primer Whenever you are looking for a way to keep your makeup on and make it last longer, skin and eye primer are the best ways to do it! If you want to keep your perfect summer makeup look on and looking beautiful, put on some primer before your foundation and after your moisturizer. It'll make all of the difference in the world!


Airy Formulas

Airy Formulas Just like you switch your clothes out to something a little breezier and lighter, to get the perfect summer makeup look, why not switch out your foundation for something light and airy? Mousses and even tinted moisturizers are a great way to keep your skin looking fresh without it looking cakey at all!



Bronzer When you are using bronzer, one of the biggest things that you need to be careful of is having it not look fake. You never want people to question whether or not you are wearing makeup. When you're applying bronzer to get the perfect summer makeup look, just apply it to the high point of your face. Your forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose.


Bold & Brilliant Colors

Bold & Brilliant Colors The perfect summer makeup look is all about the colors that you choose. Whether you are wearing an outfit that is full of color or you are looking to apply some colorful makeup, start out small. Maybe highlight your lips with an awesome color or allow your eyes to give a story. Or you could just add in a little bit of blush to your cheeks. It'll make all of the difference!


Light Lip Colors

Light Lip Colors This season, in order to capture the perfect summer makeup look, why not go with lighter lipstick? Swap out all of the dark and thick colors you have and go with tinted lip balms or even go with some light, light colors that will just make your lips smooth and kissable!


Add Glow, No Shine

Add Glow, No Shine In the summer, you probably have a lot of problems keeping things like your T-zone fresh and clear of shine right? Well, you can actually get some blotting papers and get rid of that shine and then add in some luminescence with some pressed powder with a little bit of shimmer and shine.


Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof Mascara In the summer, waterproof mascara is a must to keep your perfect summer makeup look looking fresh! You don't want your mascara to start running when you dip into the ocean at the beach or when you come up for air in your pool. Trust me ladies, waterproof is best!


Sheer Versions

Sheer Versions Finally, sheer is very in right now, especially in makeup! If you really want to achieve the perfect summer makeup look, try to keep your makeup sheer! Lipgloss, tinted lip balm and even some light, light almost sheer colors around your eyes is a great way to wear makeup, but still keep it light and airy for summer!

There you have it ladies, the top 8 ways to get the perfect summer makeup look! Summer is almost here and you want to be ready right? So ladies, what's your perfect summer makeup look?

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