7 Makeup Tutorials You Must Watch ...


7 Makeup Tutorials You Must Watch ...
7 Makeup Tutorials You Must Watch ...

Finding the right makeup tutorials isn't easy! I've flipped through so many different makeup tutorials to compile a list that is not only great, but a list that will give you everything that you need! So girls, you ready to explore my top 7 makeup tutorials that really will improve how you put on your makeup? Whether you are going for an all natural look or you are looking for some awesome eyeliner tricks – I've got you covered!

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Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

Michelle Phan is one of those girls that really knows all about makeup! This makeup tutorial is fantastic if you are really looking for a natural look but still want to have some type of makeup on! Whether you are looking to cover up your dark circles or you are trying to use a bit of concealer and foundation, this is the tutorial for you!


Fall Makeup Tutorial

With Fall right around the corner, this makeup tutorial is absolutely one of the best! It's all about how to create the ideal Fall eye makeup! I love the golds, the greens and the way that she really takes the time to describe exactly what she is doing and what products she is using. Great tutorial ladies!


Brighter Larger Looking Eyes - Makeup Tutorial

This is another Michelle Phan video and I thought that it was great because we all want those big, beautiful eyes right? If you are feeling that your eyes aren't as bright as they could be, but you want some great tips on how to brighten them up, this makeup tutorial is the one for you! White eyeliner is key ladies!


Basic Eyebrows Tutorial

We all probably wonder exactly how to tweeze our eyebrows or at least keep them looking beautiful all of the time. Michelle Phan takes the time out to really help identify exactly how you should be doing your eyebrows! This might not necessarily be a makeup tutorial, but it's certainly a necessity to keep your brows looking beautiful!


Basic Foundation Tutorial

You've all been asking me for a makeup tutorial that can really help with foundation and how you put it on – here it is! This foundation tutorial will go over everything that you need to make sure that your foundation looks beautiful and that your makeup stays in place! It's basic, it's simple and it's awesome!


Basic Concealer Tutorial

Another makeup tutorial that I've gotten a lot of comments on is concealer. Do you know exactly when to put on concealer? Do you know how to put it on? Do you know when to put it on? This makeup tutorial will help you figure it all out!


Double Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

Finally girls, the last makeup tutorial that we're going to explore is all about the double wing eyeliner! This eyeliner trick is hard to do, but with this tutorial, it's super easy to do and it walks you through all of the steps! Trust me, I didn't know how to complete this eyeliner trick without this tutorial!

So girls, there you have it! All of my top makeup tutorials that really work and are super easy to follow! What other makeup tutorials do you ladies love? Share!

Top Image Source: trinae-florencia.blogspot.in

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You didn't mention Pixiwoo!!! HELLOOO Sam and Nicola are the BEST most knowledgable makeup artists out there. You really should check them out..

7 Makeup Tutorials You Must Watch!!

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