8 Splendid Makeup Tricks to Follow for Pre-Teens ...


8 Splendid Makeup Tricks to Follow for Pre-Teens ...
8 Splendid Makeup Tricks to Follow for Pre-Teens ...

Finding the right makeup tricks for pre-teens that aren't too heavy and still let the youth shine through is hard! You ladies asked for some easy-to-use makeup tricks for pre-teens and we have delivered! Being a pre-teen is all about less is better, but there are still some makeup options for you girls! So all you pre-teens, are you ready to see my top 8 makeup tricks for pre-teens that will let your youth shine through and will make you look beautiful?

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Light Mascara

A lot of the makeup tricks for pre-teens out there state that no pre-teen should wear mascara. I don't agree with that, I think that if you wear light mascara (maybe one coating) is fine! It will bring out your eyes and really highlight your beauty. The key though is light. You don't need to coat every single lash and you don't need to cake the mascara on girls, keep that in mind when you have that wand in your hand!


No Foundation

Foundation on young and beautiful skin can actually look cakey and can age you – you don't want that girls! Nix the foundation and instead (as noted below), cover up any blemishes that you might have with some concealer. I'll go into more detail with the concealer below, but girls, nix the foundation for now!


Concealer if Needed

Do you worry about blemishes and pimples constantly popping up? Do you worry about ways to cover them up if they just won't go away? Well girls, that's exactly what concealer is for! You'll want to match your perfect shade to your skin tone and then blend, blend, blend. You'll see those little imperfections fade away in no time at all! This makeup trick for pre-teens is easier than trying to cake on the foundation!


Nail Polish

Girls, one of the best times to have with your girlfriends is to have a nail polish party! Nail polish might not seem like a piece of makeup, but it is! It's dressing and icing for your nails. I used to love painting my nails every color under the sun and in the rainbows! So girls, what are some of your favorite nail polishes?


No Blush

Blush is something that adult women typically use to add color back in their face and to make them appear warmer. When you are dealing with younger skin, it already has a warm color to it! Therefore girls, you don't need to add color into your face, it's already there! So girls, this makeup trick for pre-teens is all about avoiding blush and letting your natural, pink cheeks shine through!


No Eyeliner

Remember when I said that mascara was all right? Well, mascara is enough to highlight your eyes! You don't need to invest in eyeliner just yet, maybe when you get into your teen years. Eyeliner can make you appear so much older than you really are. So skip the eyeliner girls!


Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is an essential makeup trick for pre-teens and a must-have in all pre-teen bags! Chapstick, lip gloss and anything that is clear or lightly tinted can make your lips look shiny, full and beautiful – without aging you! So girls, pick out your favorite shade (or flavor!) and get you some fantastic lip gloss!


Light Powder if Needed

So girls, the last makeup trick for pre-teens that we're going to explore is all about a light dusting of powder. This can be used to hide any shine that you have or even to blend in the concealer that you used! Make sure that your powder matches your skin tone girls!

Well young ladies, there you have it! All of my top makeup tricks for pre-teens that will really help keep you young and beautiful! So girls, what other makeup tricks for pre-teens do you have?

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Any tips for girls with red hair and freckles, because I have trouble finding the right colors. I can never wear the bright colors because i end up looking like a circus clown. heeellppppp :/

Also a tinted lip balm can go a long way :)

Where do you get the makeup mentioned

My favourite nail is a French manicure

fabulous article heather! im just starting up a blog on preteens and would love to link this article - really great tips!

A light pink eyeshadow with a small amount of shimmer to it can really help to bring out your eyes

I'm 13 years old and I'm a brunette and my race is medium and I can't finding tight colors for me! Please help, Heather! BTW, these tips really helped! Does eyeliner on a 13 year old look tacky? and how o apply it? thanks! :)

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